Argos Didn't Benefit From Buffalo Ticket Drive

Today the Argos said they have sold 14,000 season tickets, and that very few could be attributed to the Buffalo Bills games in Toronot.

Which is why I am very sceptical about that supposed 180,000 people who signed up for NFL tickets for the games in Toronto.

If people were really so gungho about the NFL, why wouldn't they spend an extra 400 bucks to gaurantee them NFL seats? I mean considering what Rogers wants to charge for the NFL gzmes, 400 bucks extra is chump change. Especially when it gaurantees you sests.

Argos made a mistake getting involved in this NFL thing. They don't need the NFL to sell tickets. And its obvious the NFL didn't help them sell tickets.

Look berezin, the Argos didn't make any mistake at all. Basically, it boils down to this, go along with Ted Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum or else those 2 will try and drive you into Lake Ontario. Sokolowski and Cynamon, while great guys and well heeled, are no match for two heavyweights like Rogers and Tanenbaum. Case of I'll scratch yours and you'll scratch mine. Yes, Cohon had something to do with this of course as well and in the end, the Argos can't make enemies out of Rogers and Tanenbaum (MLSE), too much at stake, stadiums etc.

Don't be so sure. Watters himself has said that seasons ticket sales have picked up, compared to last year. He continued: "It would be naive to say that it [the Bills ticket offer] didn't obviously help."

That said, there seems to be mixed messages coming out of the Argos front office, with Clemons saying the Bills-driven season tickets that they've sold have been the minority.

I think the idea of closing the 500 level at the Rogers Centre is a good one. Being able to say a team is selling out creates a buzz around a team.

You'd expect mixed messages on this really. Yes, on one hand, we've had some success with the Bills thing (Clemons says this, makes Rogers/Tanenbaum look ok with Pinner saying this has been positive) and then, on the other hand, well, not all our season tickets sales are contributable to the Bills thing (Clemons getting Joseph, Argos doing their own thing).

Absolutely closing the 500 level a great idea, seats are limited and the Rogers people are happy not having to get staff in for just a few thousand people.

It is simple math....skydome holds 50,000, season tickets will only remove 14,000 if all season ticket holders buy a bills ticket.

In the end there are still a high number of tickets out there 36,000 your odds of getting a ticket are 1 and 4 that is very reasonable. I didn't expect it would impact the Argos bottom line all that much. But no harm in trying.

Why should the Argos fear TEd Rogers Earl?
How will he be able to kill the franchise?
Rogers doesn't broadcast CFL games. Rogers doesn't own a CFL team.
As far as I can see, all Rogers owns is a money losing baseball team, and an outdated bankrupt stadium.

And Larry Tanneidiot a heavy hitter? Hardeeharhar. Then again, anything that gets Tannenbaum out of hockey is just fine by me. Maybe he can take Peddie with him.

How is it mixed messages? Pinball said the Bills-driven crowd was in the minority. That means well less than half the 14k season ticket holders are from the Bills camp. Watters said it probably helped. Nothing inconsistent there.

The reason the Bills ticket requests are so high is because people didn't have to pay any money to get registered for the lottery. All they had to do was go register their name on a website. Interested people probably registered their parents, grandmother, and dog in order to increase their chances in the lottery. Another bunch probably registered thinking they'd be able to scalp the tickets for a good chunk of money (and this incentive only increases when they start announcing that there's over 100000 people who won't be able to get tickets). Finally, there's the people who though they might be able to get a ticket for a reasonable price, but no way will they shell out 200 bucks.

In summary, there's no way that excess demand for tickets will be as big as Teddy, Larry, and Phil (stooges?) are advertising.

I guess we'll see as the tickets are on sale as we speak.... my boss just picked up 4 seats for all 8 games - $5600
I didn't get a call on my registration...

Compared to recent history, I think 14,000 is a much improved season ticket number for TO.

Or darn it, I didn't get a call also. Man, am I ever bummed out about this. :lol:

Oh my God... I sure hope he got damn good seats. :? :?

And I agree with what Dmont said. I have absolutely no interest in seeing any of these games, but I thought of registering my name just for the hell of it.

im pretty sure 14,000 is what they had last year without the bills 'help'.

i wanna see the argos PLAY the bills.

The Argos at least tried to put a positive spin on the Bills invasion of Toronto with the season ticket tie-in. And to the credit of the organizers they did intend to reserve 30,000 tickets for Argo and Ti-Cat season ticket holders. This was done to placate those concerned about the Bills harming the CFL in southern Ontario...but as it turns out, with little real effect. Not that surprising, really.

Which is why I am very sceptical about that supposed 180,000 people who signed up for NFL tickets for the games in Toronto.
I don't think there are actually 180,000 people who have registered. The promoters claimed in their prior news release they had names for 150,000 single-game tickets, but many of the lottery entrants probably will have checked off 2, 4 or 8 ticket requests. (And what about multiple game requests?) So the actual number of people is half, or more likely a quarter of that number, or about 40,000 people (or perhaps 25,000?)...but we have no way of knowing for sure, we can only take the word of the promoters. There was a news story a couple of weeks earlier which stated that interest in the Bills games was lacklustre with about 15,000 people entering their names in the lottery.

I know I'm exposing myself to be the nerd I am, but...has anyone ever seen The Empire Strikes Back?

Every time I think of the Argos agreeing to this arrangement, I'm reminded of Lando making a deal with Darth Vader in order to protect his own interests, then losing everything to the Empire. I can just imagine Ted Rogers saying, "I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further!"

But that's just me.

I expected that this NFL cross promotion would have little impact on Argos and Ticat season tickets. Because I think that the amount of interest in the Buffalo Bills in this area is highly overrated.

Amidst all the rah rah about the NFL coming to Toronto, nobody ever mentions that the Buffalo Bills a few years back opened a ticket office at the Skydome, but closed it down because of poor demand.
Or that VIA rail tried a train to Buffalo on Sundays from Toronto, but it too was stopped because the demand just wssn't there.

They make a big deal about a supposed 10,000 people from southern ONtario travelling to Buffalo for Bills game? Hell, nearly that many travel from this area for Sabres game in the winter.