Argos defence steps up big in win against Lions

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts’ defence was on display on Monday as they picked off Vernon Adams Jr. six times to hand the BC Lions their first loss of the season on Monday night at BMO Field.

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Adams returned to his former self when he was under pressure. At least four of his pics were the result of making rookie mistakes trying to force the ball into coverage or not actually seeing the field when he threw deeper balls. Hoping to hit a target he couldn’t really see is a recipe for failure. One other pic was the result of throwing across his body while scrambling to his left.
Good pressure by a relentless front seven had him reeling.

Is it the Toronto D was pressuring VA into mistakes. Or was it that is how VA normally plays.
I think the D got well into his grill and face and he crumpled.
Here’s hoping he shakes that off

Its how VA has played in previous years when under pressure, making poor decisions with his passes. He gets rattled and tries to force the ball down field. Its the ingredients DC’s will try to add to their recipes, if they can.
I hope for the good of the league and the BC franchise he can shake it off. Just not with my favorite team. :confused: