Argos defeat REDBLACKS in back-and-forth offensive battle

TORONTO – In a back-and-forth offensive battle that saw five lead changes between two East Division teams, the Toronto Argonauts came out on top in front of their home crowd.

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I’ve been watching CFL games since the early 70’s. As a Family we had season tickets from 1975 - 1990. We even had our share of road trips back in the day when the CFL ventured south of the border. Now all that being said, I have never seen such a poorly broadcast and questionable officiated game in my entire experience with the CFL. I did a little homework before writing this. TSN who broadcasted this game (and all others in the CFL) is owned by BELL. BELL owns the Argonauts. While a Ottawa player is down on the field injured TSN and the commentators are running clips of all the great plays Toronto has pulled off disregarding the injured player. The entire game was how great Toronto does this and how great Toronto does that and what Toronto players are the greatest in the league. A whole bunch of self preservation on the part of Duane Ford and his side kick. Honestly, I am not sure where they are from but hometown boys from Toronto wouldn’t surprise me. Another fact … yes Toronto won the 2022 Grey Cup but did you know they were over the CFL cap @ 5.35M. For that they were charged a hefty fine of $49,735. A days pocket change for BELL. By observation attendance has to be down all over the league. I have to wonder why. I think the only sell out crowd was Halifax. I have to wonder also … where does Ambrosie call home.

Not going to dispute that the Argos were over the CAP in 2022 but my understanding is that any team going over are charged a dollar for every dollar they are over. If they were over by $5.35 M then the fine should have been $5.35 M instead of $49,735. Also their opponent Winnipeg Blue Bombers, in that Grey Cup was also fined for exceeding the CAP @ $64,499.

If that is your only acknowledgement to my statement then I think I got my point across. I’m just tired of Toronto & TSN all thinking they are superior to the rest of CFL teams and players and all starts with BELL. Maybe Bell does have Ambrosie in their back pocket like Rod Smith, Duane Ford and a few others. Maybe Kate should relieve Rod from this position too. He could follow in Rod Blacks footsteps. Why are so many x CFL fans now focused on the NFL. Just my opinion and it’s I cannot be controlled by BELL.

As RedBlack fans awoke the morning of July 24th, which was a Monday, promise, pride and dreams were in abundance. Yes, some Ottawan’s even began using the words “division title” and “playoffs” in normal everyday conversations, vendors who sell RedBlack merch reportedly have mentioned the inability to sell Jeremiah Masoli jerseys, and a need for more replica’s with the name Crum stiched on the back.
Unfortunately, the 20 days since that glorious morning, have seen the RedBlacks surrender 86pts, 1,066 passing yards, 9 Giveaways and 18 sacks! Not to mention the 3 straight defeats and the single…1! sack of the opposing team QB’s. Ottawa’s defensive unit will never remind anyone of 1973’s defensive bunch which earned the nickname “Capital Punishment,” for allowing just 16.7 points per game. On the bright side, the RedBlacks have a franchise QB in Crum (check out his 1st Qtr dime to Acklin for a major, it almost appears as if the two Toronto defenders pull up a little, thinking he can’t possibly.), and a nice young group of recievers. But W’s are going to be hard to come by without a O-line that can protect, and a defense that earns a sweet nickname of its own…like “Crum and Punishment.”

That is why TSN has been sarcastically called the Toronto Sports Network over the years. It is part of the Centre of the Universe mantle that Toronto proudly wears in many categories, including sports.

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