Argos deal Prefontaine

Another surprise out of left field. I can't see this as a SMS move. Mike Vanderjagt would want at least the same money as Pre or more.
The Argos could have used some more field goals last year in some tight games. Maybe that's the reason for the deal. Give up a bit on punting for a more realiable field goal kicker.
This is going to break some hearts in TO, Prefontaine was one of the Argos most popular players.

I was suprised to read Pre had been traded too DoubleBlue. I know he struggled with fg kicking the last couple years & I don't think he will fare well on the long natural grass on Commonwealth Stadium.

He is the most athletic kicker in the an Argo fan it won't be the same without him in Double blue.

If Pre hits those early FG's in the last East Final, the Argos end up winning. Defenitly not a popular move, but I can see the case. Add the fact he's never been the same since the concussion, he still has headaches. In a perfect world, it would be nice to keep him just for punts, but this is the CFL/salary era.