Argos cut lemon

I'm not sure who would ever pick this guy up again since he bombed out of the NFL and now also the CFL. He was given ample time to prove his ability. It could be that his career is over.

Great contribution to the thread.. Anything else Mr. Als fan first?

Your policing belongs on your own forum. The Als forum..

I just finished reading a sermon from some Als fans on another thread here. Seems they got all bent out of shape over someone's comment from here.

Now, we have one of them trying to correct us on this forum. I think they call that a double standard.

Perhaps, they should practice what they preach.

Does any team pick him up? Anyone willing to put the squeeze on Lemon?

I wish the best for Lemon, he genuinely seemed like a good guy to me.

Doubtful. There is no team who is that desperate for a QB.

What about as a cheap backup in Sask?

Just the picture I was looking for.

I will miss being served those Lemon turnovers. And now the bakery is closed. What a shame. :slight_smile:

Lemon did seem to improve lately, and there were those who thought the decision to replace him with Bell was questionable. And I can understand that, even though I didn't see much of that game.

But I suppose Jyles may be ready to go. And I'm not sure what Lemon's salary is, but it's likely greater than what they wanted to pay a backup QB. And who knows what was going on between Lemon and Barker? Will we get a better idea in the next episode of The Extra Yard? This release could be good for that show's ratings. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if you saw the clip of him on the sidelines after Bell threw one of his picks but he seemed to be smirking about it and enjoying Dalton Bells shortcomings. Lemon seemed to be more concerned about his bruised ego than his team. He was highly criticized by the media and TSN panel for his actions. This certainly poisoned the Argos locker room and may have been a contributing factor to his release.

Check out the Toronto Sun articles before and after Lemon's release:


Lemon’s body language, let alone his inability to go any further than five yards with a pass against the Lions, was not good.

After he was pulled, Lemon spent the second half at the far end of the Argos sideline, arms crossed and with little interaction with his teammates.

“You want a guy to be a part of the team,? Barker said quietly. “It’s one of those things where players choose to deal with things how they choose to deal with it.?

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what Lemon did post half-time played a role in his own demise. He didn’t take his benching well. He didn’t support his backup, Dalton Bell, or even look interested in being part of the Argos. Essentially, he gutted the one man who had believed in him through the worst of Argo offensive times. And by doing that, he either quit on the Argos and his coach or was simply the author of his own demise.
If the coach didn’t believe, then he’s a helluvan actor. But he did believe, until he had to make a determination that went against everything he was selling just a few months ago. He could no longer stand with a quarterback who wouldn’t support his team and the coach’s decision.
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Do you suppose we could get any more insight on the next episode of the Extra Yard.

There's a video on the sportsnet site that's an interview he did with McCowan and Cox on this whole Lemon story. Bob tried his best to pursue the answer, but Barker would not play along. It's part of Perry Lefko's piece on the subject.

[url=] ... _on_lemon/[/url]

Further down in his column, Perry, referring to Barker's statement on the matter with Lemon, said the following...

"Everything Barker said was as if he had been instructed to stay on point - which he did."

That remark leads me to believe that it may not have been Barker's decision, but rather it came from above (Pinball?) and they even told him what to say or not say!!!

That might explain how Lemon's status changed so quickly from the starter to an ex-employee.

From the national post, this item...

[url=] ... hall-says/[/url]

Hall, the third stringer, says that Lemon was sorry for his bad attitude and wanted to come back to lead the team.

According to one Argo player, Lemon was released and did not quit.

Lemon was also told at halftime, during the BC game, that Jyles would start in the return match. That, and the crowd booing him and the team, apparently set him off and he laid an F-bomb on the fans there.

The truth, I guess, is now starting to leak out....Barker's silence will now matter very little!!!