Argos cut lemon

As reported by 30 people moments ago on twitter.
Lemon is squeezed out of town.

Lemon must be bitter!

O Boy dose this mean Bish will be coming back. The boatmen are on a role. :thup:

Jyles should be ready and they signed Zack Eskridge, He was a final cut with the Cowboys.

Needed more drama for episode 4 of The Extra Yard.

He will be missed. LOL;)

8) Jyles hasn't even played for over a year, since his reconstrutive shoulder surgery !!
 Lemon actually caused his own demise, not so much by his play, but by his body language on the sidelines after he was 
 pulled in that last game.

 Barker as much as admitted that during a video clip on the weekend.

 Don't forget all those dropped passes by Lemon's receivers in that last game, at least 6 in the first half alone !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

At times Lemon showed he could play the game and he did deliver some long passes on the mark. I suspect it was his attitude that got him his walking papers. After he was replaced in the game, he offered no assistance to his replacement and merely stood on the sidelines pouting. This is a man's game, baby's pout but not football players! Adios Cleo, you did yourself proud>

Not OVERLY surprising but the guy did come off his career best game against us on the 13th, didn't get that many yards in the game after that but didn't throw a pick either and in the game against BC, and even though he was pulled at halftime, he had 3 sure fire catches dropped by receivers and went 11 - 15...if those guys catch the ball (all 3 were right on the mark) he would of been 14 - 15. He didn't produce a lot of yards but is that his fault or the OC's fault? Barker even said in his halftime comments that it wasn't lemons fault. I thought they would at least let him compete for the back up job after Dalton bell threw FOUR interceptions in the second half.

Regardless, good riddance! lol as stated above, he stood their and pouted after he was pulled...maybe there is more to this then whats being reported...maybe his attitude turned ala Casey Printers or he asked for his release?

I'm going to miss having that guy around. I thought he was a great asset. (Not to the Argos, but to us)

Can't believe they wasted 1.5 years waiting to see if he could learn the CFL game when the answer was fairly obvious from the start.

Lemon was a bad idea from the outset. Why invest so much time into a 30+ year old QB? Even if he had a breakthrough year this season, the Argos would only get another 2-3 years out of him and then they'd have to start looking to replace him. Two wasted years by the Argos.

An Argo-Cat fan

Could this mean the end of Barker? Cleo was his guy, and as GM and Head Coach, maybe he has too much on his plate. I think he should fire himself as HC, hire Marshall as HC, and concentrate on his GM duties. He also hasn't looked good firing his DC either...

jyles didnt get hurt until October. so its been less then a year since he played.

Fixed it for you. I don't know why mixing up "then" and "than" bugs me so much. . . but it sure does. . .

Wait wait wait, when TOR and HAM had that shootout game (8/13 37-32HAM) I recall Jock Climie saying something to the extent of "this is Cleo Lemon's coming out game" and he will be an "elite CFL quarterback". :lol: :thup:

Lemon turned Sour :lol:

So he hasn't played since than?


Doesn't seem smart to me. Lemon had 2 really good games a couple of weeks ago and his timing seemed much better. He went 11 of 15 with 3 dropped balls and got benched for nothing. He probably asked for his release saying ' pee pee on this, bench me for a kid to throw 2 picks right away? rather go home then! '

Jyles has a lot of talent and will do fine, but how long 'till he's 100% and how will the shoulder do? Practice and live fire are very different.