Argos cut down

Argos release of 17 players today showed few surprises after all. Some will probably be brought back on the practice roster such as Canadians Durie and Hercule. Also Mike Bailey and Chris Heffernan could be insurance as well.
WR Todd Defoe looked good early in camp, but when they brought in Pat Johnson and Frank Murphy the writing was on the wall. Mike Washington could be a PR guy as he's young a showed some promise.
Another import tackle will have to come off the roster when Steve Morley is ready as well as a non-import. What they need is a player like Eric Wilson who can play either the OL or the DL. Jeff Keeping could be the guy if his knee is ok. Right now I don't see anybody backing up Belli.
Not as easy to hide a few players on the IR now as they count toward the cap unless they're on the nine game IR. If there's a chance they could lose Andre Durie I'd have put him on the 9 game IR to let his knee get stronger and learn the offence.
I can still see a trade of a player or two as they have 8 import DB's on the roster. Jermaine Mays or Willie Pile to the Roughriders for a draft choice?
Also maybe one of Canadian WR's (Talbot)? and they could bring back Heffernan or Brad Smith as a cheaper third Receiver.
I had better stop. :slight_smile: