8) In a real surpise move today, the Argos have released Cory Boyd, the rushing leader in the CFL at this point of the

    GM Jim Barker said it is in the best interest of the team to move forward, and go with another style of running back.

     Yea, right,  I can just imagine the stories that will surface as to the real reason that Boyd was cut.

      There is definitely a lot more to this story than is being reported so far !!!

Don't beleive this until I see a source.

believe it:

[url=] ... -cory-boyd[/url]

Its on

TORONTO -- CFL rushing leader Cory Boyd has been released by the Toronto Argonauts.

The Argos made the stunning announcement early Sunday afternoon.

The six-foot-one, 209-pound Boyd was the CFL's leading rusher this season with 447 yards and was averaging a solid 5.5-yards per carry.

Boyd also finished second overall in league rushing in each of the last two seasons.

However, the Argos' offensive gameplan this season had changed immensely under the direction of new head coach Scott Milanovich and veteran quarterback Ricky Ray, acquired in a huge off-season deal with the Edmonton Eskimos.

And general manager Jim Barker said in a statement that Boyd's talents weren't an ideal fit in the Argos' new offensive philosophy.

"After evaluating our entire football team through the first third of the season, we felt this was one of the changes necessary to move our team forward," Barker said. "We believe a different style of play is needed at running back to heighten the success of our new offence and, considering the personnel we already have on our team, this move will help to improve the overall play of our offence and lead us to greater on-field success."

Boyd, who played collegiately at South Carolina, was in his third season with Toronto and had rushed for 2,947 yards in 36 games, averaging a solid six yards per carry.

Boyd also added 83 catches for 551 yards.

I say we sign him...

8) Well, do you believe it now ???
   What do you think, I would just make up this stuff ??    

   Obviously you're just not up to date on what's going on !!

We should sign him immediately. We can't let him go anywhere else. This is the opening the Cats need to release Cobourne. Plus playing the Argos back to back in a couple weeks would help in game planning too.

He could be an immediate starter and upgrade to Walker. Big, bruising RB. He probably would cost less than Cobourne, so I would rather pay a player to play, than pay one NOT to play...

Actually no, I'm not. I just moved and I don't have cable yet, as well I haven't found much time to read about what's been going on lately. :stuck_out_tongue: But I see you were right, it's just very surprising! He's been playing well, so how can he not fit in with the offence?

stunning development.
It is difficult to believe that the immensely talented Boyd could not be tailored into the Argos offensive schemes.
As a league leader, he appeared to be doing very well regardless.
What particular play style do the Argos require from the RB/TB position?

something seems amiss here... :?

Wow!!!! My first thought when I saw this thread title it April 1st?

I can"t see him being available very long. Someone will snatch him up. I would have thought that the Argos would have tried trading him.

I say Obie should try and sign him.
Power R/B, when the weather gets worse at playoff time, a power R/B is very important.
Hey better is better!

I am stunned by this news, there has to be other reasons for this, but regardless this hurts the Dbl Blue and will immensely improve another team immediately...I doubt we get him but I think we should put all our marbles in to get him, not often an all-star proven RB comes on the market with the potential and young age as Mr..Boyd does...Release Avon and throw that 150k at Boyd, it cant hurt...As for people saying we have walker, yes we do but as Obie says Better is better! Walker doesnt compare to Boyd. Boyd is a very good blocker and a big body. Chevon ahs had blocking issues. The biggest difference is Boyd gets those tough yards and bulldozes ppl where chevon cant, and Boyd can still have that speed and break away potential like Walker does. Walkers Yard per carry isnt good unless he breaks a huge gain he cant fight for tough yards. I say bring him in. How hungry would be be for a back to back with toronto??

Wow! Dude, I like Walker, I really do but Boyd is a monster hitting that line. I'd release Avon and sign Boyd in a heartbeat now.

If the Tiger Cats don't make an attempt to sign Boyd this is a clear indicater they have no intention of getting better as a team. The latest signings to Canadian practise roster players.......big deal. This team will not go forward until they have MORE talent on the field. And I agree with a previous post there must be much more behind this decision. This could be another Bruce from Toronto to Hamilton deal????? How fast will Obie and Cortez act on this move? Boyd is a far better punishing back than Colourne. I am sure the phone lines are buzzing.

From twitter land:

“My thoughts on Cory Boyd? He was a fraud who fooled the media for 2yrs Good player when healthy but not a good teammate Media just ate it up.”


My guess is this boils down to Boyd not being able to block as Milanovich wanted. I posted this in the Als forum, and I'll repeat it here: in the Milanovich (or Trestman) style of offense, the running back is a blocker first, before anything else. If you can't keep your QB clean, you won't last long.

Wow, if that's Murphy's actual Twitter account, pretty damning indictment of a former teammate.

Well it's not that big of a deal if we could use him to defraud the arblows :smiley: