Argos cut Bethel Johnson

Argos cut WR Bethel Johnson today. He's been injured all year although he's played. I think he'd be a useful guy for the Cats, especially if they let him heal 100%.

An Argo-Cat fan

Possible as a punt or kick off returner. But I'd be hesitant to pick him up as a reciever, he's really struggled at catching the ball.

Naa. At this point he's no better than anything we have. He is a decent receiver but we have a lot of decent receivers. The problem is we don't have any game breakers.

He had a lot of drops this year. What a disappointment for the Argos.

I was expecting this after they gave him every opportunity to get his game back on track Saturday night. Too many drops and showed nothing much as a kick returner.
The only time he looked good was in the pre-season catching Bishop's bombs on fly patterns.

The guy's been a total bust.

I recall laughing a few games back, when Rod Black was calling the game, when Johnson actually caught a pass from Joseph, Black was gushing about how Johnson and Joseph were "developing chemistry." Like one catch equals chemistry. Black had a man-crush on Johnson I think...........

8) From the number of passes he dropped in the Argos last game, he'd be a perfect fit in Hamilton with our dropsie receivers !!!
  That is the main reason the Argos cut him, he played terrible last week for them  !!!

    We don't need that joker here  !!!

According to chml sports Obie says he is interested.

Tell me you're kidding....right?

Get him.
He is better than anything we have!!!

Wilson dropped everything thrown his way when he was here.
BC picks him up..he catches everything...even deflected balls

If it doesn't cost us anything..why not give Johnson a look..could be the deep threat we are looking for.

He showed his potential in the preseason and then got hurt (foot/ankle) in the 1st or 2nd game and has never been 100% since. If the Cats give him time to heal, I think he’d be a good addition.

An Argo-Cat fan

No harm in bringing him in. There was more preseason hype around him than there was Action Jackson. And i'm still waiting to see them play Jackson, I'm starting to doubt if he even exists lol. They tell us he's a bigger, faster, meaner, tougher, stronger, smarter version of Cleremont but then go and hide him on the practice roster all year lol.

How many players can the Cats afford to give time to heal?
We're already waiting on Printers, Lumsden, and Caulley.
Johnson didn't step up when the Argos needed him most.
I dont' think he'd help this team at all.

8) Johnson is healthy now. He played the entire game for the Argos last week and virtually played himself off the team !!
 Don Matthews said they gave him every opportunity to prove his worth in that game, and he failed miserably  !!  Several dropped passes that were right in his hands  !!

 Sounds all too familiar to some of our receivers here  !!!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Bringing in Johnson would be a mistake.

I believe if the Argos or Als or most pro teams cut or don't re-sign guys, those guys aren't worth signing.

Case in point: Kwame Cavil and Tony Miles.

8) and the Cats actually signed Kwame Cavil on 2 separate occassions, one year apart !!!
 Ended up cutting him both times  !!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->