Argos cut 6 players including Soward

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The Toronto Argonauts released six players Friday in an attempt to deal with the league's new salary cap.

The club let go veteran linebackers Antonious Bonner and Jeff Kelly, defensive end Eric England, offensive tackle Jerome Davis, receivers Shockmain Davis and R. Jay Soward.

"We would like to thank all of the players for their great years with the Argonauts," said Argonauts GM/Vice President Football Operations Adam Rita in a statement. "We wish them the best for the future. As a team, we need to make changes to work under the new salary management system and bring younger, vital players to key positions."

Bonner joined the team in 1997 and was one of the club's longest-serving players. In ten seasons as an Argo, he won two Grey Cups, made 431 defensive tackles, picked off 17 passes, and is tied for third most touchdowns by interception in club history with three.

England arrived in Toronto in 2003, making an immediate impact, being named a CFL and East Division All-Star. England's 29 sacks were sixth most by an Argonaut player.

Soward recorded a touchdown once in every four receptions, with a total of 48 receptions for 785 yards and 11 TDs over three seasons as a Boatman.

Davis was a two-year starter at right tackle along the Argos' offensive line. He was named an East Division All-Star for the first time in his career in 2006.

Davis was plagued with injuries all season long. He was placed on the Argos injured reserve list in week nine for the remainder of the season.

Kelly replaced injured lineback Michael Fletcher for the first four weeks of the season before suffering a leg injury that would sideline him for the majority of the year.

And begins. They won't be the last to do this. They may even be forced to re-sign Allen.

....sounds like some salary management coming into play.....saving some coin to perhaps pursue Casey??????????? :wink: :roll:

i dont understand why the argos still have stokes?

They released ENGLAND? Wow, that's a shocker. Soward was useless, Bonner was getting old, and the two Davises were non-entities, but I am stunned that they cut England.

England was the biggest surprise of all the cuts.

England is 36 years old and Riall Johnson a non-import is ready for prime time. Eric could probably still play in the league but at his age it would be a gamble if he was expected to play full time.
Bonner has lost a step. Soward is to inconsistent.
Jerome Davis is 34 and took a lot of bad holding penalties and with a younger bigger Clff Washburn available you could see that move.
Shockmain Davis has been slowed by leg injuries or he would have been a good receiver in this league.
Kelly wasn't around long enough to see what he could do, but the coaches must have though he wasn't good enough.

Mild surprise with Soward and England. The former when on his game is a very good receiver, although very inconsistent. England despite 36 is still a factor. But I suppose the team wants to go younger on the D line. In fact, the Argos defense is pretty much long in the tooth and needs revamping. Maybe O'Shea will be next, he is 35 years old.

no surprises herre
England & Bonner can be replaced by Johson & Winters. Both of these moves have been expected by insders.
Soward can't run any route other than streak
Kelly was signed to help stop the run in run situations and we all know how effective the argos were in those situations
The Daviss don't need a comment

Salary Cap in action. Plus some of them were old.

But Damon is still there. I want to see how good he is after his finger surgary. He played about 80% healthy all of last year.

none of these moves were SMS based, they all would've been made without it

Also, Allen's contract is expiring this off-season

Had no idea England was 36. I guess the cut makes more sense, although he is still a very good player at the position.

He is also holding back Riall Johnson, who is younger, cheaper, a non-import and just as good