Argos Create A Quarterback Salary Management System

There is a very informative article by Rick Matsumoto entitled "Argos add pair of QBs to roster" in today's edition of The Toronto Star. He reports that the Argos have created a new quarterback salary management system within their overall salary management system.

"The reason Allen and the Argos have been unable to agree on a new contract stems from his apparent reluctance to agree to the club's new participation-based salary structure.

Each of the three quarterbacks the team will carry during the season will receive the same base salary, but bonuses will be paid based on starts and depth chart positions.

If a quarterback has an outstanding game, he could receive an additional bonus.

The salary scheme is a way of trying to stay within the CFL's new $4.05 million cap."

This system might actually make it easier for CFL teams to attract higher quality second and third string quarterbacks. It would give all three quarterbacks incentive to compete for the number one quarterbacking position while freeing up the coach from feeling obligated to use one particular quarterback because he has a high salaried contract.

The Ticats should consider adopting this type of quarterback salary management system. Of course, the current contracts of the Ticat quarterbacks need to be honoured thus Ticat management will have to wait until those contracts either expire or are restructured before such a system could be implemented.


Nice find TCTD

What a dumb move .. guess Rita forgot how he treated Dunigan

I am gonna rant on this ... on the main board


not a bad idea, i guess the argos dont wanna spend more than 150 K on a QB, i guess the QB by committee is how they will operate.

If all the QBs were relatively similar
in ability and experience it might work.

If Damon Allen returns and sits on the bench
while the team test drives rookie QBs
to save money and find his successor

he is going to be a very frustrated man
because he will think he deserves to play

and he'll be a very very unhappy man, too,
because he will not get the big bucks
that he will surely feel he deserves.

The coaching staff will rank the QBs
and decide who starts not Adam Rita.

Damon will likely blame his O.C. for his
not starting when he feels he should.

This system is bound to cause friction
between the QBs and their coaches.

I believe Damon didn't see eye to eye
with his O.C. last year, Kent Austin
but at least he got paid his full worth.


If Adam Rita decides game performance bonuses
what's to stop him from being stingy with them
and saving that money to use somewhere else?

Damon is very aware of Steve Buratto ... who has called out Gumby many a time in the past

I think this idea stinks! LOL!

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Sounds like pay-for-play to me. I wonder what the CFLPA thinks about this? Didn't another McMahon (Vince) try this with the doomed XFL?