Argos could be without home in Oct. if Blue Jays make playof

Argos could be without home in October if Blue Jays make playoffs

If the Blue Jays make the post-season, the Argonauts could be kicked out of the Rogers Centre.

The Argonauts have an unusual number of games in October — four — so if the Jays win the division or gain a wild-card spot, there are potential schedule conflicts with the CFL.

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It's a highly unlikely scenario that would require the Jays getting to the ALCS.

The Blue Jays aren't winning the division, they're 7.5 games back with a month and a half left in the season. If they make the one-game wildcard playoff, it will likely be on the road. Even if it's at home, it's scheduled to take place on Tuesday September 30th, which isn't an issue (Argos play on Saturday, October 4th).

If the Jays win the wildcard game, they'll be the road team in a best of five series for the ALDS. Their home games would be games 3 and 4, which would take place early the following week. Plenty of time for the field to be turned over to baseball after the Argos play on Saturday.

What about if the Wiggles make the playoffs :lol:

After last night, this may not be much of a concern :lol:

Argonauts bumped by Wiggles

No worries there. The Jays will not make the playoffs... :thup:

What a load of propaganda crap journalism,just consider the source....The Toronto Star !!!!! I mean seriously without a
doubt one of the WORST if not the WORST sports coverage of any newspaper in the entire country.
The Star isn't even good enough to line a hamster cage with or to wrap up a dead fish in. In the rare times they do cover the Argos or the CFL it's either buried on page 7 or it's a totally one sided negative piece of crap like this article is. :roll: :thdn:

Well the Argo's can't play at Mac, the Tiger-Cats are already there and will need the facility when it is announced soon that Tim Horton's Field is not available to play on Labour Day??

Forced Hamilton to play a playoff game on a short week.

So you don't agree that there is a chance the Argos could be bumped out of their home field in the unlikely event the Blue Jays get into the playoffs? You don't think the team should be asked what its contingency plan is?

Gee - somebody at The Star must be reading these chatboards - since I posed the very same questions and possible game scenarios in a post I made Sunday mlorning. :stuck_out_tongue:

The national post is the worst.

I haven't watched or cared about baseball since the '94 strike, but I'm a Jays fan again. GO JAYS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope they go all the way and force the Argos out of Skydump for at least one game. Remember what happened to Montreal after being forced to move their playoff game because of a concert at the Big O? Could be the catalyst to the Argos getting out of that lifeless cave and into a decent outdoor stadium.


who signs off on these crappy lease deal?

Gee, is that concern for the Argos that I see coming from the Toronto Star? Naah, just another excuse to trash them.
Using a hypothetical situation to pile on is a new low from the worst sports section in Toronto.

Can't blame the Star for this story considering Argos fans themselves - many of whom are of course also Blue Jays fans - have been asking about this. The reason I posted the same question here Sunday - was because a friend who is an Argos season ticket holder who I went to the Jays game with was joking with me about the Cats perhaps needing to find a place to play the Labour Day game and then he added - 'then again I should talk - we may be in the same boat for some of our games in October because of the Jays.' He asked me if I had heard anything about contingency plans - and that is why I asked the question here on Sunday.

He was planning on calling his Argos ticket rep earlier this week. I'm assuming he did and I'm also figuring he probably isn't the only one - so it would make sense the Star would ask about it and write about it.

Nothing crappy about the deal. Argos scheduled regular season game vs a Blue Jay playoff game. Blue Jays win every time in that situation as would any team in any city when it's a playoff game vs a regular season game. It doesn't happen often anymore because almost every situation where 2 teams share a venue is an NHL/NBA situation and their playoffs run concurrently which allows more flexibility and an arena conversion of less than 24 hours.

Let's get realistic here.
The way the Crap Jays have been playing of late, there is absolutely no chance of them making it.
Even if by chance a wild card position was had, all this means is they would go to Oakland or LA to lose the one game and your out.

I agree it is looking like a very long shot - but the bottom line is on very short notice Argos may have to shift a game and it would be good to have a solid plan in place and advise people what those plans might be instead of springing it on people at the last minute. Hopefully a better contingency plan than playing in a 6000 seat stadium like Hamilton has been stuck doing this summer.

I agree with you though, as the Hamilton situation not only for this year but last as well has been an embarrassment on the team and the league as well.