Argos considering playing on a SHORTENED BMO field!!

Just caught this on the Globe and Mail site:

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Give me a freeakin' break!! First the Argos owners want the rest of the league's teams to subsidize their that plays in the largest corporate community and most populated region in the country. And NOW, becuase they haven't been able to make a go of it in downtown Toronto and can't afford to build (or apparently even renovate) their own stadium, they're considering asking the CFL to allow them to play on a shortened field!!!

I'm sorry, but despite S+C rescuing the Argos 6 years ago and I know they're nice guys...but the time has come to have someone buy these guys out. No wonder no one takes the Argos seriously in Toronto.

I understand the interest in moving to a smaller outdoor stadium (and personally I don't necessarily think it will be the saving grace for the team that many assume it would be), but unless BMO is reconfigured to accommodate a CFL Field and expanded to at least 30K, that stadium has no business being used for CFL ball.

I can't believe the league would even allow the Argo's to float this out there. I think one of the worst things the CFL ever did was allow those American teams to play in those ridiculous stadiums that couldn't accommodate the CFL field. The CFL-sized field is one of those elements that makes the CFL what t is. Like 3 downs, a rouge and Canadian players.

I would be absoilutely disgusted as a CFL fan to watch a CFL game in the country's largest city on a makeshift field like that. Bad enough the Argo's can't get 50-60K fans out to watch every game, but this would be an abomination.

Hmmmmm. I think I could actually live with a slighty shortned endzone. A short field though would be a different story. As much as I hate the Argos, the last thing I want is for them to leave Toronto. (Like it or not, Toronto is a very important market for the CFL) I think a new home field for them could be just the thing to give this franchise the boost it needs.

I gotta admit, if they moved to BMO (or any outdoor field) I would probably get to a game or two each year.

I don't get this move?
Don't they get the Skydome rent free?
What advantages then would they get at BMO field?
The can't sell as many tickets, because the place only holds 20,000.
Its not big enough for a CFL field.
Its a ridiculous idea in my books.

And whats with the two guys who own the Argos?
They turn the team into a laughing stock on the field, and now this?
Its like they're almost doing it intentionally to undermine the league.

Too bad some big Toronto based corporation won't buy the Argos.
Seems they're more worried about losing their shirts on these American sports.
But the two jokers running this team obviously are in over their heads if
they want to bail after a couple of bad seasons.

And I hear they want to buy the Coyotes and keep them in Phoenix?
These guys are obvioulsy not playing with a full deck.

Finally! Yes!!! :thup: I love it on a shortened field, it will add another quirkiness to our game that I love. I'm not a huge baseball fan but one thing I like are that the outfield dimensions and configurations are all a bit different, no reason why the same can't be done in football, and soccer has different ones as well I think.

I can tell you, I'll be going to some games in Toronto again if the Argos play at the hallowed Ex grounds. Man I hope this happens! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Cynamon and Sokolowski, make it happen boys! I'd love to see 3 down football on an NFL field as well, I wish the NFL would do this. Cohon, make it happen as well please.

If they can fit a 110 yard x 65 yard field and 10 yard endzones in BMO, then I say give it a try.

I'm kind of with Earl. Different size endzones would be another quirky part of the CFL and it would be in keeping with our rugby oots. AFAIK, the depth of a rugby endzone/in-goal areas can be anything between 10 and 20m.

The CFL has already reduced the depth of endzones (25y to 20y) to accomodate BC Place and it already had odd shaped endzones (Commonwealth/Molson) so as far as I'm concerned there's ample precedent for giving the Argos a waiver.

brett, excellent info about rugby, I wasn't aware of that. This would be so neat as, as you say, Canadian football's roots are from rugby afterall. And when I say quirky, I don't mean I think Canadian football is quirky at all, basically mean the majority of football fans in North America think of Canadian football rules as quirky versus the more exposed game of American football.

You guys have to to to TFC Red Patch Boys discussion forum, oh man some of these guys are absolutely livid should this ever happen, it's actually extremely funny, they are so insecure about soccer and TFC and the Argos playing at "their" stadium, I actually feel a bit sorry for them as you can tell they feel they need all the help they can get to keep the TFC thingy going. I can understand their feelings though to some extent, with the Grey Cup this weekend and all the news coverage and how big football is in North American with NFL and college and CFL here and CIS also, if I was a die hard soccer fan I'd be doing everything I could to try and keep the big bad bully gridiron boys off what they consider "their" field. :wink:

Would it really be so difficult to extend the field 35 yards? I attended a game at BMO this year and I noticed all there is in the north endzone is the video screen.

I was reading all the anti argo stuff in BMO field stuff the "Not in my house" crud... its also my house cuz tax dollars bought it so its not TFCs property its the tax payers but i digress.

But It only cost 65$ Million to build BMO field, so how much more could a 30 000 seat stadium build. from what i have been told about BMO is its a very good stadium and well built, so why dont they go an build a cheep stadium somewhere in the city and use SkyDome for playoff games.

I love it....Talk about thinking out of the box and sticking it right back to those f...

That would give Argo fans an experience similar to the Als fans. Expect ticket prices to go up but any closer and your sitting on the players bench.

I'm not sure how the Argo season ticket holders feel about it, not many come on this board, but myself, as someone who grew up in London, Ont and having the Argos as my favourite team way back, and not liking the TiCats much but now that I live in Hamilton I've come to embrace the TiCats as my team, and going to Argo games at the Ex site, I still feel in my heart that the Ex site is Argonaut land first and foremost and soccer, TFC secondary. Oh man, imagine if I said that on the TFC discussion forums, those Red Patch boys would go into convulsions. Part of me wants to do it but I'll leave them alone, I'm actually a nice guy when you get down to it. :slight_smile:

Tell me if you do earl i would back you up! I hate those damn TFC fans, they annoy the hell out of me. Soccer may be the worlds game but Football is Canada's game!

I agree Earl, most "quirks" of Canadian football are just because of a US point of view. But on the other hand, in the larger scheme of things, Canadian football is a little quirky. Not that there's anything wrong with that :lol:

Of all the football codes (soccer, rugby league, rugby union, Gaelic football, American football, Aussie rules) Canadian football is the only one with 12 players on the field.

It is also the football code with the most ways of scoring. TD, FG, conversion, 2-pt conversion, drop-kick, safety and rouge.

IMO Canadian football is slightly more related to rugby than American football is, and allowing for variable depth end-zones would make Canadian football "more Canadian" And yes, by "more Canadian" I mean less American. :lol:

I don't think I will hg.

Yeh brett, we are a bit quirky as you say, but it's cool.

Ok, here's a post from the Red Patch Boys forum, they want to protest and riot! Too funny.

[i]Originally Posted by 111_DrummerBoy

I'm sick of this bullshit. Especially when Cinnamon and Suckowski are saying they're going to move to BMO as if it was a done deal. Just throwing this out there, and really this isn't something I would generally suggest but I think we need to send a message to these twats. We should organize ALL the supporters groups and protest in front the Skydome. Do it up right, get flags, banners, dress in TFC gear and let the city know that BMO is our house! Plus it would be a good offseason event.


Rioting against Argo fans? We're red, they're blue... so there's precedent at least.

Can we bring brass knuckles instead of signs?

JK of course. I don't condone senseless violence. Now violence with a purpose on the other hand...

In all seriousness, that would only serve to legitimize the posturing of those two idiots.[/i]

That would mean no grass at BMO :slight_smile:

Anyone see what a field looks like after 10 000 pounds of cleated muscle does to a wet field :twisted:

Well the argos should hook up with TFC and expand that stadium to 28k with the real grass and all. There is the fan base for both teams to support 28k stadium and both will be happy with grass. As long as the CFL is okay with a bit shorter field. I'd prefer otherwise, but if that makes the argos more successful then fine.

geroy, watch what you're saying, if those Red Patch boys find out where you live saying that, they'll come and burn your house down and call you all sorts of names. :lol:

Its funny, i was on the red band-aid boys forum, and its funny seeing the in fighting, some people want to riot (someone should point out they are in Canada and not in England) and others are skeptical but it seems to me they just want to protect there field.

And apparently we have some fans, just posted on there board:

Originally Posted by koryo
It’s quite sad really that the Argos have been reduced to these sorts of tactics.

I could care less if the Boatmen sink. Another nail in the coffin of yesterday’s game.

Respectfully Koryo, I can’t understand how you can call football (Canadian at that) “yesterday’s game?? A league drenched in 100+ years of history with a growing popularity (and subsequent fanbase) is nothing to scoff at in my opinion. Not wanting the Argos at BMO is one thing, but to denigrate an entire sport/league (especially one of such important cultural significance to Canada’s heritage) just isn’t right. I’m not an American football fan either, but I would never disrespect a game that has greater roots in North America than soccer.

They are scared to death the Argos might take away some of their pizzaz. Sort of sad they feel threatened having to resort to childish remarks like "yesterdays game" and that, just makes them look like little boys crying for their mamma when they say stuff like that. I can respect them not wanting their field to get messed up, that's fine, I get that. But when they start with the other crap, I have no use for those that say that stuff.