Argos Coaching Cap

Maybe I'm missing something but why does MLSE having a policy about vaccinations allow Toronto to have 12 coaches?

They went into the season with 11 coaches in this press release.

EDIT: the coaches cap was reduced to 9 for 2021.

Mike Davis leaves. Enter Stubler.

Then they place Young and Bell on leave.

Enter Chris Jones.

In the commotion Merritt Bowden (assistant Def and ST coach) vanishes from their website.

They now show 9 coaches. Where did Merritt Bowden go?

Let's forget the actual salary cap and how they can bring in Stubler and Jones with enough room to pay them, considering Mike O'Shea essentially couldn't get a raise after winning the Grey Cup as reported here.

Something is fishy here.

Frankly if MLSE chose to implement a rule the Argos should not be able to replace their coaches mid season, it was always my understanding that salaries and numbers counted even if someone left mid year.

Am I missing something?

EDIT 2: Why are the Argos allowed to have 9 active coaches, 2 on leave and 1 mysteriously not on their site on a reduced cap of 9.


With all the free agent signings and now the coaches, I can't see how the Argos are or will be under the cap.

This sort of thing seems to happen with Argos about every 7 or so years and the league seems to ignore it to give the Argos a competative advantage and increase fan interest. Never works, but they try.


7 Years?? They were over the cap in 2019, last time CFL was played. The CFL braintrust didn't want to fine them during a Covid, Shutdown era.

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Jones is a defensive consultant and Stubler is a defensive assistant. Maybe they are going to hire a defensive Coordinator too.


It seems pretty clear that MLSE doesn't give a crap about the CFL or its traditions, or the health/future of the league. Between them encouraging the merger talks with the XFL & wanting to not play again before the start of this season, their 2019 cap violation and now this, they obviously think that they can do whatever the hell they want.

Utter b.s.


Couldnt agree more. Nobody in the MLSE owned media talking about it.

Without MLSE there are no Argos. Do you think any other owner or ownership group would put up with crowds of 12k every game?

12 k ????? They'd have to sell an additional 3 -4 thousand tickets before they hit that lofty mark .

I think it's a mistake to think this league wouldn't survive without the Argos.

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It is a nice cap. But maybe he should go with a boat logo one instead.

What is MLSE doing that other ownership groups wouldn't do that is currently driving incremental ticket sales?

Cross promotion with other sports properties? Nope.

Cross promotions with other products and services they own? Nope.

Using all of their media assets to market the hell out of the Argos? Nope.

So tell me why again the league is letting them essentially cheat?


Along with the new version of the old football / boat logo, the Argos have retained the A in the porthole as a secondary one and it's on the pants of their uniforms.

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Argos are chump change to MLSE and essentialy a tax write-off.

Tell you why again?? did I tell you in the first place?

Obviously the Argos need to clamp down and reign in expenses. I say they bring in Guy Caballero to clean things up. He's done wonders out west keeping a lid on Johnny LaRue's outrageous crane boom requests.

It's not easy saying 'no' to Johnny LaRue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They can save money by cutting down on all that Argo advertising.

I didn't know that the Argos did Argo advertising.

Huh. They should tell someone that they're advertising. Otherwise it's a waste of money. :grin:

Who can forget that memorable crane shot at the close of Polynesian Town?

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That crane shot cost Caballero an extra twenty bucks at least. The whole budget was blown at that point. I think it was reckless. Damn reckless of LaRue. Caballero was so insensed he got up out of his wheelchair and chased LaRue right off the set. I never saw a pretend cripple run so fast.

We need a guy like that running the Argos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Caballero should be running the CFL