Argos Close To Selling Out Home Opener

maybe that 38,000 was the number of yester-year, but the argos currently cover up the seats in the endzone below the jumbotron.

i hear, with the current configuration covering the 500 level, leaves around 32,000 seats.

mike hogan, from the fan590, posted this on the ticat forum:

So are there still less tickets sold for the Argos home opener than the Bills game?

The fact that the 500 level is closed off speaks volumes.

How many people live in the GTA again????

I saw 5.5 million or somesuch quoted in another thread. But the vast majority are probably not football fans of any stripe, be it CFL NFL or MLS.

Just my guess.

Just an FYI. Each season ticket holder was allowed to purchase four extra tickets for this game for free. (except for ticketmaster charges) I know a lot have taken advantage. That partly explains why it is almost sold out.

So it looks like there will be around 30,000 which is close to a sell out minus the 500 section.
Just about what they have been averaging the last few years. The big difference is there will be more revenue for those 30,000 + in then earlier years.

This is what I can figure out about the CFL.
You get numbers like $5- 6 mil in gate reciepts when ever the Riders ,Bombers,and Esks do their books... yet these teams average close to and over 30K..... This leads to the conclussion that thay are only charging 20 bucks a ticket..... Obviously there are massive givaways everywhere.

30,000 is a great crowd, wtg Argos, let's hope they can do that all year, the league needs solid numbers like that everywhere.

Too bad Hamilton and Montreal will barely be able to draw 20K.....otherwise 30K would be an easy bar to reach.

You do realise that Montreal stadium only holds 20,000 dont you?

There you go being factual again... :lol:

Thats a poor excuse! :lol: Get a bigger one... :stuck_out_tongue:


Where do you get the $5-6M in gate receipts figure?

Every year the three community teams release their finacials.

What was the Riders 07 gate numbers? Had to be closer to $10M than $5M, no?

But they play at Molson cuz they can't fill larger Olympic. I saw all of the opening week's games and there were plenty of empty seats, kinda disappointing.

A sellout in Toronto this season is 31,074. Currently there are just under 2,500 tickets left to be sold. Therefore there have been a bit more than 28,500 tickets sold. Not bad but not great either. Toronto should be able to sell 35,000 tickets for every game.

One of the reasons the blue team has moved so many tickets is because of all the promotions they have been running for the home opener. I am a Ticat fan living in Toronto and I bought two $50 tickets for a total of $60 at their “Drive-Thru Ticket Drive” about a month ago, and a few weeks after that they had an even cheaper ticket deal, as well as, one through TicketMaster for Tiger-Cat fans.

And that doesn’t even include all the deals to season ticket holders that someone mentioned previously.

But yeah, I am all for healthy franchises, it’s good on the blue team to attract a solid crowd at the cold, cavernous place they play in.

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Interesting, ticket deal as well, one through TicketMaster for Tiger-Cat fans. Also interesting last years Grey Cup had a major TiCat influence with marketing. Let’s see, no new stadium for the Cats, no hosting of a Grey Cup in Hamilton, team possibly getting about 12,000 a game shortly, maybe, hmmmm… You gotta wonder what could happen here.

Some of us have been saying for a while now, both Regina and Hamilton need new stadiums.
For the Riders especially now while the sellouts and the fan craze continues.
As for the Cats, saving the franchise may be the most crucial reason why.