Argos close out Week 1 with back-and-forth win over Lions

TORONTO — A late-game touchdown by Toronto Argonauts starting quarterback Cameron Dukes closed out an explosive back-and-forth 35-27 win against the BC Lions on Sunday night.

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From BC POV: Will sportswriters finally acknowledge that BC’s O line is deficient? Yes, it looked good with quick-release Rourke but VA takes time to find receivers. He does not have the time with the current talent in front of him. How is Perkins still on the team? Coaching on almost every level was deficient. Leaving VA in on short and third after injuring his hand wasn’t just bad coaching, it was negligent. The much-heralded Covington was a non-factor; he looked slow and ineffective. Far too many uncontested catches from the Argos. There is NO way this team will be a contender without some hard self examination, from the coaching staff to the offence to the defence. It’s too early to panic but it seems like the rest of the league has figured out the Lions’ weaknesses as the Bombers did last year.

VA is a deer in the headlights. It’s not the O line when the scrambler doesn’t scramble.

I picked the Als, Stamps, Elks, & Argos to win (despite no one on the panel chose Tor). A lot of people seem to be down on the Argos this year. I can see why with Kelly out for 9 games & some changes BUT they still have the best OL in the league by a wide margin. With Orimolade, Brinkman, Ceresna & Oarkman they have the best DL as well. With that OL, Carey will likely benefit as will Dukes.

BC has issues on OL but they won’t be the only OL having problems handling the Argos. This is a VG team.

The next best team on both sides of the LOS may very well be the Als.

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Don’t worry too much about the Lions. They looked sharp on both offence and defence for most of the game. They were neck and neck against a very good team for the first 55 minutes, but the Argos have the best pass rush in the league and their DLine was awesome at the end of the game.
Yes, a few things need improvement, but I still think they’ll win the west. especially if the Bombers Thursday night performance is indicative of how they’ll play the rest of the season.


I agree. They should win the West. The Bombers should still take 2nd but they have issues on D & may have lost their best receiver on Offence. Bighill looks set to come back which doesn’t move the needle for me. Is he entirely healthy? If not, why rush him. How did that work out in the GC?

Adam’s 36 when the other West clubs have guys named Hladik, Morgan, Awe & Thurman, all of them 5 or more years younger - all of them finishing in the top 6 in defensive plays last year. Bighill is an automatic for the HOF but he’s 2 years removed from being a top MLB. IMO he should have packed it in after the GC last year. They did pick up Tony Jones. I would not be surprised if he’s the regular @ MLB before the year is out.

I would like to place this loss directly on the shoulders of the Lions Coaching Staff. Not your best performance getting the boys ready against the Argos… has been four years since BC won a game in Toronto… really guys really.

Game one is never an indication of the season for any team. Never has been never will be.

By far, this was the game of the week. Very entertaining for week 1. Dukes is just a youngster to the league but just remember how good he looked last year here in Winnipeg and wondered if this kid might have a future. Still early, but he might just be. Go Bombers

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