ARGOS , CLINCH 1st in the EAST


And to see a guy win a million bucks on the last FG attempt was just awesome. :shock: :smiley: GREAT PRESS!

A turkey of a game , but the ARGOS will take it. :smiley:

40,000 + plus at the R.C. , and maybe the rise of an player actually born in TORONTO. :shock: :smiley: YORK U. VS. MAC. U

JEFF JOHNSON , was the player of this game. :smiley:

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Argos kicked out butt, no getting around this. Next year, next year we'll get 'em though.
But great to see a great crowd, the Argos deserve this with the team they've got and local, home-grown ownership and with the changes with the posters and that that the Rogers Centre has allowed them to put up.
Might just have to take out my Argo clothes and head down the QEW for the east final and be an Argonut fan again. I wouldn't say this on though, I'd get lambasted.


You'd be welcomed back big time Earl!!! The Cats had me worried for their first couple of possessions. But what more can I say other than.......... AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGOOOOOOSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Come for the game. I will buy you a beer , if you are around the 200 section. :wink: :smiley:

It should be a classic game either way. :smiley:

Congrats to the Argos from an Als fan !



THANK YOU!..but I have a feeling that MONTREAL and TORONTO will meet again , and MONTREAL may return the favour by defeating US at home. I hope not.

Congrats to the Argos and their amazingly tough defense. Don't get use to first place in the East. Next year, we're taking it back. The division title is something the Als drop only once every five year. Last time, it was the Bombers (in 2001).

Hellothere, make sure to put a big X on your calendar on November 20. That X means you have a rendez-vous with the birds.

We will see you Montreal in the Eastern final.
Can A.C. handle the crowd noise?
Time will tell!!
It will be a good game.May the best team win.

Saskargo, do you want a trick to make it harder on the birds on November 20? Injure any one of our offensive linemen.

Why? Because our first o-line back-up is Paul Archer. And as strong as he is, that guy has a big (and I say BIG) problem coping with crowd noise. He always get procedure penalties because he jumps the gun early.

And having procedure penalties called over an over again pisses Calvillo to the highest point. A pissed Calvillo is a Calvillo who throws picks.

Now, I must admit I really don't know why I am giving the Argos any kind of ammunitions. I shouldn't have had wine at lunch, I guess...