Argos claim 16th win in downing REDBLACKS

OTTAWA — The Toronto Argonauts closed out the 2023 regular season by standing on equal ground with a historic team.

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Congrats to the Argos and all those die hard Ottawa fans who showed up game after game to watch their team crash and burn for the 4th year in a row (if you don’t count 2020 which was cancelled). Those people deserve medals. Some competence in their front office would also be appreciated I’m sure.

We’ll miss him but Ottawa is where Kyle Walters is needed most. I hope Ottawa signs him if he doesn’t want to stay here in the Peg… which I can totally understand since he’s done such a ridiculously good job building the Bombers… he’s got nowhere to go with our aging roster but down.


Argos make history and where does the news fit in Toronto sports reports? After the Maple Leafs, Raptors, Notre Dame game, and Christine Sinclair’s retirement.


And don’t forget Climate Change


Hmmmm, same record as the 1989 Edmonton Eskimos.

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They can tell you every american college football score though and show highlights. U Sports in this country? They don’t even acknowledge it’s existence.

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