Argo's Chemistry?

I was curious, thinking of all the NFLers they signed, what's they're chemistry gonna be like?

I wouldn't say they were No-Names in the NFL, but I wonder if they think this is gonna be easy. If they're gonna want the ball all the time. If it's a competition who can shred this league more than the other?

What's the word from camp? Any signs of this coming?

What "all the NFLers" are you talking about? The 2 receivers Boston and Johnson? More importantly they have signed the leagues MVP, Tyler Ebell (now injured), speedy Hoffman, resigned O'Shea. They have made a lot more deals than a few WR's that may not even make the team. I don't see any probems for a team that had little offence last season. B Johnson looks like a brilliant pickup. He's one of the fastest players in the league and I highly doubt he commanded a very high salary.

I'm a little confused when people make comments about Argo players? Maybe it's just Argo hate or even jealously, considering almost every American player in the league last year has played for an NFL team or at least been in an NFL camp. They just traded Sask for Robertson who played in the NFL in 1995. Is he now labled an Argo ex NFLer?

Funny line though. Don't all great players want the ball, isn't that the cliche we always use. Doesn't Arland Bruce want it his way when the games on the line. I know I do.

What? League MVP? Which league? I remember him being injured last season, don't remember him being the MVP, or best rookie anyway.

If he was in the NFL, yes I do concider him an ex NFLer. Damon Allen played with BC in 2000, is he labled and ex Lion?

Yes, but some are more vocal then others. NFLers might think that they are from the NFL, so their the best players, and should get the ball more then the veteran CFLers. That's all. That's all I wanted to know, I didn't want a lecture of Anti-Argos or whatever...

Read again. League MVP (Joseph), <--comma Ebell, <--comma, Hoffman, O'Shea. I was listing some of the more important signings that are not from the NFL last year.

If you consider Robertson and ex NFLer, then you might as well include just about every import in this league. Which is the point I made you make. If almost every American is an ex NFLer, what the heck is the difference when the Argos sign one.

I guess I feel the need to defend the Argos when everyone seems to enjoy taking shots, someone has too. But heck, they seem to be doing OK finishing at the top of the East every year.

You mean twice since 1998.

Actually, Robertson's career started in the early 2000s.

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And yes, I consider him an Ex-NFLer. Like I said in previous posts, the problem doesn't seem to be Ex-NFLers per se, but Ex-NFL stars who are now deemed as washed up in the NFL. I think part of the animosity has to do with the perception (not necessarily mine) that T.O. is too good for the CFL. Adding former NFL stars doesn't help with that perception.

And I get that you have to defend the Argos, I always defend my team too (as you can see).

Be prepared though, cuz you might be a little surprised by Hamilton this year. Never underestimate a team with O'Billovich as GM. We may not make the playoffs this year, but the rebuilding process is finally ( :? :? :? ) getting underway.

No,,,, I mean tops for points the last 3 years in the East. They have been in the East final the last 5 years, which is the top game in the East. In fact you could also say the Argos have finished in the top 2 since 2002, which sure isn't the bottom. I never said first place. You really got to read twice before posting.

Holy spin, Batman...

Why would anyone think that by "finishing at the top" you meant first place? I personally assumed you meant alphabetically. In which case the Argos are at the top every year. (Except for the Alouettes.)

Living near Hamilton and attending games in my youth, nothing would make me happier to watch a great Argo-Cat game again. It would be great to restore the rivalry, rather than watching a Argo blowout every year from section H. I hope Printers has a good year, I hope "OB" can find the next Pinball and then I hope the Argos beat the Cats 43-40 in the East final at a sold out Dome. :slight_smile:

Kerry Joseph is also an ex-NFLer, having played as a safety in Seattle.

And they signed some drunken, idiot, kicker who is an ex-NFLer. Although, technically, he’s an ex-CFLer as well.