Argos CB Middlebrooks out for the season

One of the Argos shut down Cornerback's is out for the season .
This is good news for the ticats and could mean there is a weak spot in that very good backfield .
He would likely have guarded Mann ,,,Bruce will have Parker watching him so that means he will not have that much open field ...

Big day for Mann coming up? :thup:

People always assume the backups will get steamrolled. Guys don't get paid to play because they are no good and lack ability.

I don't assume that. I just know middlebrooks is very good and the likelihood of his replacement being as good or better is slim and not probable yet possible

They lose Middlebrooks, we lose Bo Smith, Matt Carter, Matt Kirk, and now maybe Marquay McDaniel...........Seems like their injury situation is a little better than ours atm.

Although Jermaine Reid was a monster yesterday and Mann looks WAY more comfortable in the slot.

thats a big loss for the argos, lets hope Glenn can take advantage of this next week.

The TO papers are saying it's a career ending neck injury. The guy is a real pro. It's a shame to see him go down now after the last 2 lousy Argo seasons.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argos website shows that for the game against Hamilton in October, they had #11 - Delroy Clarke as the backup to Middlebrooks on the Depth Chart. All of the games after that show no backup for Middlebrooks, so it's uncertain who they will end up using next Sunday for the EDSF. That will make it a bit difficult for Coach MB and OC Gibson to plan for that aspect of the game. It should be OK for us anyway!

Parker sat out yesterdays game and they played both Sean Smalls and Josh Abrams so im guessing it will be one of those two. Both players are new to the argos this year.