Argos caught stealing signals?

Marshal Ferguson from TSN 1150 reports Argos we're stealing Ti-Cats offence signals and after halftime change up Argos D wasn't on to our plays!

:twisted: :twisted: The Blue Jays were accused of the same thing must be something wrong with those toronto teams :twisted:

how do you steal a signal, i mean they are standing there in the open giving the signals. its not like baseball where the catcher has the signals between his legs.

if the Arhols were able to crack the code, good on them.

hahah the man in the white shirt :lol:

pretty much my thoughts

we think a like FYB, thats probably not good for your rep lol

It's against the rules and usually involves other off field personel watching and relaying messages electronically.

what rep :slight_smile:

And where did he report it?

He tweeted it during the game. I guess the Hamilton receivers were pretty vocal about it on the bench.

As I mentioned in another thread, it was Stala stealing the signals.
Probably because he was still mad about this:

@PeterDyakowski Saw @StalaDave outside stadium, his truck still wet from the car wash. Egged overnight. 1 more reason to love this city #HamOnt @Ticats @CFL

(for the twitter illiterate, this is Dyakowski tweeting about seeing Stala a couple hours before the game.)

I thought the Cats signals were verbal then they switched to hand signals.
So the Argos knew what we were doing on offense before the play. Once they switched to hand signals they were OK.
Baseball is very different.
You need to see the signal, understand what it is, then relay to the batter. All in 5 seconds or so. VERY dumb thinking that Blue Jays were actually doing this.

It's hand signals that were being stolen.
I think when the QB calls an audible, the inside receivers use hand signals to relay the play to the outside receiver in case he can't hear it.
Also they may signal to each other based on how they see the defence line up, since there may be a couple of options to their routes based on that.

So what good did it do for the Arblows!

uh.... just look at Hamilton's offensive stats 1st half vs 2nd.

Brought this comment that I made last night over from another thread where the topic appeared.

relic7 wrote:
The Iceman wrote:
I heard on the 1150 post game show that after the first 2 series Fantuz and Grant came off the field yelling we have to change our offensive play calls to hand signals. They don't know how but the Argos know their plays.

Amazing...please keep us informed.

Seriously,I heard the same thing. The team had established hand signals to make changes depending on the looks they got from the defense. However, whenever they used the signals to adjust, the TO defense seemed to know just what changes they were making and adjusted accordingly. Apparently on the sidelines during the game they made changes to the signals which seemed to solve the problems. All of this according to Marshall Ferguson who was on the sidelines as he generally is during the game so I'm assuming he would know.

They funny thing is that I saw an article last week, I think on the TSN site, about the Argos posting lookouts outs around their practice field who were supposedly on the keeping an eye out for "Ticats spies"! Maybe it wasn't the Ticats who did the "spying"! :wink: That last sentence of course is pure speculation on my part!

It seemed to me that the Cats were huddling up on the sidelines during stoppages and I surmized they were setting several plays in place so they wouldn’t have to huddle on the field and wouldn’t have to have signals sent in. Usually players subbing in also bring in the next play. Be tough to steal offensive signals???

Are you saying, that in the 2nd half. the Cats knew about it? HOW? Which bird spilled the beans??

Yes, that's why they changed their signals. They caught Stala relaying info to the Argo defence.

Why didn't our head coach just knock him down on the sidelines?