Ray gets a 35 yard TD pass on a 5 yard dump off to Slatton... Typical Ray :cowboy:

Doesn't look like I missed much in this game. 16 penalties. Bunch of two-and-outs to finish the half.

Argos lead 15-7 at the half - second half, interesting I say.

Who gets the ball to start the third?

The Skydome looks packed today...who said Toronto wasn't a football town? 8)


Apparently it's Hamilton. Great throw followed by a fumble. Ugh.

Canadian Flagball league. Anyone else getting board of this?

Yea, after an illegal kick off by Hamilton

Wake me up when it's over.

Toronto is a huge football city... It's just not the CFL. If you want to see packed sports bars go into one in Toronto on an NFL Sunday.

I guess no one wanted to guard #11.

Sam Giguere showing off his great speed on that one

How dare he use high percentage throws to great athletes who have historically produced results! The shame! The shame!

it is called playing to win and being a smart QB. Understandable that you don't appreciate or perhaps understand that concept.

Finally, this game is getting a little flow to it...

...and the home team takes the lead...oh wait


:roll: :roll: :roll:


I guess the Messiah forgot how to play football after the 1st Q eh

After this game, I don't see how you can keep Ray's name in the discussion for MOP. I know it isn't the MVP, but if you can't even lead your team to the playoffs, how outstanding could you have been?

What a great athletic play to save a touchdown. That guy looked like Tony Champion on that play (although in the wrong endzone)