Argos @ Cats

Should be a blowout for Hamilton. :lol:

Cleo Lemon pickin apart the Hamilton D will be priceless too. :smiley:

Yikes. Toronto's making this look easy.

I knew Barker would have them ready and hungry. Anyone got a link online?

Sorry Hamilton. I think I jinxed your team. :lol:

Tie game 7-7 - Skookum

defence no fixy

Well, this won't be MadJack's type of game. :lol:

I'm gonna cheer for Toronto on this one.

Maybe next week won't be a cakewalk for Sask. :lol:

Did I seriously hear a supposedly professional announcer use the word "valuability"????

Would that be anything like "value"

Somebody please kill Black

yes, you did. and my thoughts exactly. how anyone can get a professional announcing job with english like that is beyond me.

Good game so far in an off and on down pour. 10-10 tie fieldgoal Prefontaine

I love that "Mosca" bit they show on the scoreboard in IWS. Ten Commandments of Mosca...ROFL!!!!

The penalty Hamilton took there is one of the most inexcusable penalties I have ever seen.. wow. I thought Shell was stupid for taunting after that wicked hit until the Ti-Cats decided to take one while the refs were discussing.. lol

edit - oh, and Chris Williams almost catching the ball again after the hit was pretty awesome. very heads up play.

Wow. What a defensive struggle tonight :roll:
Its almost like both teams are playing with the Riders D.

Oh, come on, Hamilton! :x

Keep it going Cleo, nice throw for TD; 17-10 Toronto

Seemed like a good call to me.

TD Cats. Back to a tie game. :lol:

Indeed; Both Quarterbacks are rollin :thup: