Argos Cats Play by Play Thread 08-07-2008

[b]Well it time again for Play by Play Thread

IWS 7 PM Kickoff
TSN /TSN HD no Blackout
900 CHML AM / Y108 FM 107.[/b]9

so it look like 20 to 40% Rain Tonight

CFL Background Story

[url=] ... ace-ticats[/url]

Charley Press conference

Ticats Players Talk about the Upcomming
Game via Ticats T

Ticats Depth Chart

[url=] ... depthid/71[/url]

Argos Depth

Ticats need win 2 of there next 3 games
So guys Lets here the chat
Looking forward to reading this when I return home

Thanks for starting this Tom, I missed it last week.

AnyTime My Friend
Should be a Good (I Hope ):slight_smile:
Miss BYF Touch to these Threads.
There was one last week as well
But None of us are as good Starting them as BYF is

Even if it’s only for a quarter, I look forward to each game with a short memory and renewed optimism.
Go Cats!

Thanks for starting the thread Tom.

With four key injuries, I don't have high expectations for tonight. Hopefully we'll all be pleasantly surprised. It'll will be great if we all stay dry. Even if we get smoked tonight, it's still game day, the CFL, our TiCats, and the best stadium in professional football to watch a game.


I'm somewhat optimistic about this game. I think Richie will do well. I hope this is when he has a break out game. It will be a good test against the Argos pass defense. Go Richie!

Is Caulley playing tonight, or is Smith carrying the whole load? Time to step up guys.

We've been saying what great depth we have at qb and rb, well now is the time to prove it.

Time to turn this thing around.

Go Cats!

I wish i could be optimistic about this
game. We just don't have the GUNS to
beat the argos.
I am hoping to see Porter QB, I would like
to see what he brings to the table.
Anyhow let's play ball!!!

The Cats have to start winning eventually, might as well as be today
Maybe Charlie Taaffe can inspire them to greatness this game
Go Cats

I believe the Cats can win. If they can play with heart for the entire game. They can beat this team. Theyve done it once already. Lets give the fine fans in Hamilton something to cheer about!!!

Go Cats Go!!!

Is anyone else having trouble getting CHML to load on their computer?

argos in a route.

sad but true.


I`m also having trouble with the CHML link?

I've tried CHML, Y108 and the The Fan 590 I can't get any of them to load
The games not available on the myP2P site either

Good sneak by Williams

The game is on TSN people

That penalty SAVED our ass!!! why run with the ball like that??.. hold ON TO IT!!!!

Can't get TSN in Taiwan

Are the the Cats moving the ball?

Three bullets dodged already.

williams unforced drop..HAHAHAHA...lucky was called back on argo penalty.

Sigh... gotta hang onto to those they are CATCHABLE!!!!