I have been saying quite some time how Bishop is the bonified first stringer, period.
When he went down, so did the hopes for the rest of the team.
The two games and especially yesterday, despite coming close but that was more so the collapse of the Als, it is abundantly clear that we cannot win and especially in the CFL without a first string QB.
Hurry back Michael as my previous SOS post mentioned.
The drop off from Bishop to the rest is humongous

I agree, the Argos are nothing without Bishop at QB. Allen is done, McMahon just doesn’t seem to have it, and I’m not sold on Rocky Butler as a starter. Thank goodness for Argo fans they play in the east, where my Ticats seem to have a stranglehold on last place.

neither could bobby fisher.

does this mean that the argos would not sacrifice their bishop to get the opposing teams queen???

In today's paper it says how Bishop may actually miss only the game next week when the Riders come to town and clean our clock.
The week after is a bye week for the Argos, so here is the hope(fingers crossed) that the Bishop is back after that.

just dont anyone let Allen near Bishops car or drinks :twisted:

Both Allen and "can't play more then one game Avery" are done and should be put out to pasture.