Argo's Canadian Running Backs

So what do you guys think? Do you think the Argos will start a Canadian running back this year? I would love to see the Argos sign Jerome Messam, and have them field a triple Canadian threat of Johnson, Durie and Messam.

I think the Argos gave up a lot for Ebell so I feel they must start him. Durie may be in line to get more carries this season after getting back into the game last year. Johnson gets fewer & fewer carries each season & coming off an injury won't help his cause.

Any idea why Messam was not drafted in the first place?

No, not really. Just a lot rumours on other forums that he had attitude problems, like canceling out of the evaluation camp at the last minute.

Looks like Messam is on the BC negotiation list. The rich (in terms of Canadian talent) get richer.

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They need to get a running game going period. The O line is not providing any protection to allow Joseph to scramble out of the pocket either.
That ti-cat loss really opened my eyes to how weak they look. Bishop was chomping at the bit to get in there and I think they should have let him in for some snaps or a series or 2 in the 3rd quarter.
C’mon get it together boys!! :roll: