ARGOS @ CALGARY : who is watching it?

This could be the game of the week , but last night's game was hard to top and we still have 2 great match ups on SUNDAY. :thup:

CALGARY can gain 2 more points on B.C. [at least for today]. :thup:

Toronto , could go ahead of Montreal , for 1st [at least for today]. :thup:

RICKY WILLIAMS , has to do something to prove his football career isn't over in both the NFL and CFL. :thup:

ALLEN , has to bounce back from last games terrible showing. :thup:

CALGARY , has the CFL's best running back.
How will he do Vs. the worst run defence in the CFL?

Can CALGARY pull a HAMILTON and beat the ARGOS back to back?

This should be the start of classic , home at home series! :thup:

Calgary could pull a Calgary and beat the Argos like they did the Als.

or they could pull a calgary and choke like they did to hamilton and edmonton.

im watchin it, and i have tickets for the rematch right behind the stamps bench ( i need burris' autograph, as its the only one im missing, cuz he missed damons QB challenge ).

great point :thup: what we are saying is we are not really sure what 'pull a calgary', I didn't know the term existed.....

I think it existed 2 years ago but it didn't mean win., two years ago it was 'take a stampeder', as in: 'my insides don't feel good, I think I need to go to the washroom and take a stampeder'.......

I think "pull a Calgary" is in the cultural dictionary right under the verb "to Zidane," as in "some guy cut in front of me at the bank and I had to Zidane him right in front of his family."

And I thought it was " pull a HAMILTON " :lol:

im definately watching it but i don’t think its the game of the week i give that honour to winnipeg vs Montreal


how can winnipeg vs montreal be the game of the week?

theyve already met 2ice with the als taking both.

go toronto!... go saskatchewan!

Argos gotta pick it up big time in the second half.

Toronto looks terrible. I see a big losing streak in their future.

Well , so much for the game of the week :roll: :oops: :thdn:

CALGARY gave the ARGOS a real butt kicking. :thup:

Montreal also did the same kind of thing to us and we returned the favour in the next game. :wink:

CONGRATS TO CALGARY! A well deserved ARGO butt kicking! :thup:

winning 5 games out of 6 ain't bad.

See you for the rematch! :wink:

No problem just keep giving the ball to Ricky! ha ha ha