Argos bring LB Nate Holley back to the CFL

TORONTO – The Toronto Argonauts have signed American LB Nate Holley. Canadian OL Jonathan Zamora was also claimed off the Calgary Stampeders’ practice roster.

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If i was argos i would put him in the sam linebacker spot. Hes to small to play weak side linebacker

Must be nice to not have to worry about the salary cap .

I totally agree seems like every team must follow the cap except the Argos they seem to be able to sign anyone and everyone, this is the reason I can’t stand the Argos and the league will do anything to have them competitive

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I hate guys like this who get released by a team to pursue an NFL dream and than they end up signing elsewhere in CFl when they return in this case not fair to the stamps


How many LB's do the Argos need? They signed Muamba, Woods, Judge, McCoil, Tuggle & now Holley. Yet they get rid of Arbuckle who would be a good backup if McLeod-Thompson gets hurt if they want to take a run at the Cup.

As much as i wanted him to be back. We have a stacked defence already and way better linebacker core then 2019 way better.

Stealing Stampeders makes Santa Upset. Coal for Mr Murphy

Nate Holly tried to get out of the 2 year contract he signed with the Stamps so he could go pursue his dream in the NFL. The union filed a grevance for arbitration to force the stamps to release Nate Holly. It wasn't until the CFL 2020 season was cancelled that the Stamps allowed him out of the contract he signed. Not sure but I think it was then too late to join the NFL that year. I would suggest that Nate still has a bitter taste in his mouth towards the Stamps. So he signed with the Argos.

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Tre Roberson was mad with the Stamps too, but he re-signed,

Makes total sense I forgot about that ty

Who cares let them have him. Our D is way better now, our weakness in 2019 was linebackers. Good rbs ran over us with no respect

McBeth not getting hurt,btw Grey Cup 2021 will be Argos and Riders. Coincidentally my 2 fave qbs,Fajardo and McBeth

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In your dreams boy. Riders are gonna lose back to back to back on home turf

I agree, biggest difference now is a much improved running game and yes, our D is much better too, most noticeable is QB pressure

Mike Oshea one of my faves also,along with Zach,but with week off Bombers will not be ready to go. In fact Montreal plays Bombers twice,their swarming defense will make Zach look average. I am wondering If Zach even plays very long against Als,or even at all,they could start Mcguire in meaningless games? Good idea to not risk injury,though the worry then is not enough playing time. If am big Bomber fan,am worried for Zach

I would pick a rested team then a burnt out team. If and only IF sask made it to west final that will be there 7th in a row game there playing. Calgary and Winnipeg will be well rested for the playoffs sucks to be sask tho. Yup ill pick fresh legs anyday

Welcome back Nate Holly to the greatest show on turf, The Canadian Football Legue. My hometown Argos could benefit greatly with your gifted football skills. I hope you are in the starting line up ASAP. Have a healthy & productive 2021 season. :star_struck:Nate Holley-2019

Lol this guy. Always kissing other teams a$$e $. Theres another word for that to called bandwagon jumpers