Argos bring back QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson, the team announced on Monday.

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Glad to see him back and also that he chose to come back.

They'll need someone with experience if Arbuckle goes down or underperforms. I think this combo will work well in a 14 game season.

Arbuckle will beat him out Bentel- Thompson. MBT is a bad QB. He holds on the ball too long

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MacBeth is a good safety cushion, but he will never be more than that IMO.

I thought he improved a lot in 2019. He had a terrible time with telegraphing his passes in the first half of 2019.

It's a good insurance move.

Arbuckle could turn out to be another James Franklin . . .parlaying a decent showing as a backup out west into a starting job in Toronto, only to fall flat on his face.

Will he be a flash in the pan like Franklin? Time will tell.

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Apparently they couldn't find anybody else who wants to play for the Argo :wink:

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The question for me now is where does this leave Pipkin?

Arbuckle is on big money and you'd think will be the starter, Bryant and Tiano I assume are both training camp/practice squad looks, so whoever the beaten man is out of MBT and Pipkin will have to accept a third-string QB salary?

Unless they are thinking of an Arbuckle/Pipkin dual QB attack with MBT as the safety net when one of them goes down? Or is Pipkin trade bait?

I’m sure Arbuckle will be given every chance to be the starter, especially considering his connection with Dinwiddie. But they could do a lot worse than MBT as a hired gun as an injury backup or otherwise - they need someone to push Arbuckle in camp.

Hard to say with Pipkin, for some reason I thought he was on the Elks(!) roster but that may have only been in 2020. He’s a bit of a wildcard but showed some promise with the Als, big arm and good mobility. I think they’ll keep him around - this is a strange league and who knows, he might even be starting at the end of the season due to injuries or if the other two flame out.


MBT led the league in passing yards with a questionable group around him, and especially the Offensive line. If the line is greatly improved, he could be a real asset. He performed in the Spring League and possibly the XFL that had to disband. I remember seeing him lead his team from behind to win and while doing so, he exhibited a relaxed confidence and it seemed that his teammates really believed in him. I seriously hope he wins the job at some point in the season. Being 2nd string in Calgary, which is a win machine makes it hard to know what another team will get. The flip flop of QBs in the off season was seriously weird, even for the CFL.

MBT should be a good backup QB based on what he has done for the Argos, just not a starter. Like for him to prove me wrong though.

Anyone with three last names as a name deserves two or three chances to crack the line up .

There yah go .

I think he will start and keep it.

Dennis Weaver????

:grinning: MBT has a great first name even though it's spelled differently .

For me this is who I think of .... .

Deputy Marshall McCloud .

Don't forget Clint Eastwood played the original McCloud in the movie version

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