Argos bring back kicker Lirim Hajrullahu, release Boris Bede

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed National kicker Lirim Hajrullahu, the team announced on Monday. Toronto also announced the release of American kicker Boris Bede.

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I did not expect this at all. I hope all my doubts are proven wrong.

Im really not a huge fan of this signing.


Wait what?… should have tried to get Legghio from Hamilton :joy: ( watch this come back to bite me as Lirim goes perfect all playoffs to lead Toronto to another Grey Cup)


Without knowing any of the $ details… this is a surprise. Bede is one of my faves, and I would have thought any team would be lucky to have him. If this is just about exchanging an American for a National, it’s a roll of the dice. I expect Bede will find a grateful home soon. Nothing against Lirum, but this feels like change for the sake of change.


Surprised as everyone else. I’m guessing this has to be a $ decision. Bede, though earning it as a fantastic kicker, might have been looking for more that the Argos want to spend.


Farhan Lalji predicted this yesterday & said it is expected Bede will sign with Edmonton in the next few days. Does this mean Castillo re-ups with Bombers? He may have to take a cut. There’s not too many landing spots outside of Edmonton.

I agree that it would have been nice to keep Bede. But the Argos are up against the CAP & there’s a lot of teams out there willing to outspend them for some of their talent. There’s some bigger fish to get under contract than Bede unfortunately. Hopefully they only lose a couple of pieces.


Dueling BORIS BEDE threads!


Looks like a deal agreed upon with Hardrick going to Riders. Not a huge surprise as they need a big upgrade then. Gotta be getting $200K, no?

Not quite sure why the tag.

I would imagine that would be what he would be paid. It stinks to lose him but at the same time, forces the Bombers to (hopefully) get younger.

Just win the Banjo bowl this year.


Just something I find interesting;

Lirim wore number 70 in university and during his time in the CFL.

Who wore that number in 2023? The only other kicker listed on the roster; Alfredo Lozada.

Wonder who will wear #70 in 2024 :thinking:

Seeing I’ve already bumped this thread, I figured I would look more into Lirim’s signing with the Argos.

He interviewed with Rod Mawhood on Niagara Sports Report: Niagara Sports Report - Lirim Hajrullahu - Toronto Argos Kicker

Looks like Hamilton and Toronto were both interested.

Despite telling the TiCats they get dibs on him if he returns to the CFL, he decided on Toronto because he started a new job in Downtown Toronto and the Argos were ok with letting him do both.

Seems to want to partner with MLSE to grow his brand in Toronto.

ST Coach Mickey Donovan was Lirim’s ST Coach on Team Canada and at Western so it makes sense why he was courted so much.

Seems upset that GMs in the NFL would rather bring in a young guy instead of a Veteran kicker.

Says he thinks the doors are closed on the NFL front but says if a team calls he wouldn’t turn them down.

Says he’ll be having kicking sessions once per week in January.
February he kicks 2 times a week.
March/April he kicks 3 times a week.

Finishes his interview with an enthusiastic “Go Dogs (Niagra Ice Dogs)”

This last part bothered me more than it probably should lol. Would’ve liked to hear him imitate Chad Kelly with his best “Go Argos”.

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Here is a bit more insight why I think this as you state is likely to be MORE than case than less, beyond even the success of Brandon Aubrey and beyond the kicker position.

All things close, more NFL teams will sign the younger and CHEAPER kicker or other player first.

That does not mean the veteran won’t get his chance, but he’ll wait in line because if he’s played in the NFL before, he’s more expensive.

Will we see another Sebastian Janikowski such that a kicker with such elite talent is taken in the NFL Draft and has such a long career with one team? I very much doubt it.

See the following for where I feel there are sometimes exceptions, including at kicker and in particular when a younger kicker hits a slump or is injured late in the season and a team brings in an available veteran also for the playoff experience.