Argos bounced back in 1st Game

So the Argos bounced back....beat the Stamps....might have just been 23-20....but still a victory for Toronto....and without Nick Arbuckle


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There were potentially 9 points left off the board. 2 from the Bede miss and up to 7 with the Collins fumble.

They came back for sure but if it wasn't for a series of mental errors, they may have much of a deficit to come back from.

1 down...13 to go!


Mad respect for that defence especially and go figure, Bethel-Thompson (I prefer to call him MacBeth as do others) outperformed Bo Levi Mitchell and it was not even close.

And the Argos had a weak running game at that!

I have not checked the schedule much, but all other teams other than Hamilton should put a star by each of the games against the Argos for sure.

We know that in Hamilton they mark those games by default.

With the Argos and the Redblacks winning in the first week, it's going to make the East interesting. Both teams better than expected


I hope that keeps up. It'd be fun to have a few years of several strong teams competing for the East playoff spots.

Hamilton is still a power in East or should be....and Montreal hopefully can pick up where left off....Toronto can only be better based on new management and coach plus players they brought in....Ottawa is still a 'wait and see' proposition in my view though....BUT both Ottawa and Toronto won on the road....whereas Hamilton didn't

Yah that Argo defense isn't going to go away. A lot of proven play makers there. They also have some older vets waiting in the wings for down the stretch, like Law, Nevis and Woods. But that was probably the plan. Load up on Defense while the offense finds it's way.

Yea, that's the same with Ottawa, they added a new D coach and loaded up the defense and the offense questionable.
That's why I say the east is going to be much closer than predicted.

But they loaded up on offense too.

I guess you could say that receiver wise. But in my mind they haven't got a Winnipeg type OL yet or a real top of the line QB. A work in progress.

What about the NFL guys they brought in. D line looked impressive. Anyone else of note?