Argos bounce back?

Will the Argos bounce back this week against Winnipeg?

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I predict (and hope) they will.

They'll be at home, which should help.

They'll be starting Arbuckle, which should help.

Having said that, Winnipeg is no joke. Their D is super tough to deal with.

They did bounce back. Great effort all around. A few bad plays for sure but the good ones far out weighed the bad ones. Missed the first home opener in maybe 30 years. Too many restrictions for my taste. Foster was great in his first CFL game. Doesn't look as big as listed but looks to be a talented RB for sure. Arbuckle was pretty good IMO, but he's still learning. Needs to put a little more zip on some of his longer throws. Receivers were open but the delivery time allowed the Bomber DB's to recover. The Argos have a real good defense which should get better as they gel. That McCoil is a game changer IMO.
I love the Argo new home uniforms.


Agreed. He'll also have to get in better sync with the snapper and learn to hold on to the ball while scrambling.

It's was great to see a balanced offensive attack.

I guess we could call Friday night's win a bounce back. Was impressed with Richards moving in at LG and moving Nicastro over to Center (which looks like his best position). A long with LT Allen they opened some holes for White against a good defensive line. D. J. Foster looks like he is made for the CFL. Jarius Jackson and Dinwittie have some work to do with Arbuckle still throwing off his back foot, which may be a difficult habit to break. Probably got away with it in College but we know the DB's in the CFL are too quick and will close or pick off those floater's he throws at time. Another nice surprise was the the play of the DL. Looks like the NFL guys finally found out what it takes to succeed in this League. It's all out war in the trenches just like the NFL. I had thought Harold would be sent packing soon, but he and Oakman stepped it up Friday night and finally showed they belong. New guy Feeney played well also at RE in place of Hughes. I fully expect a big game in Regina next Friday night with win number four as a result.

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Please do something with the east side of the stadium. If you’re sitting on the west side, all you see is a sea of empty seats in the upper deck. I’ve noticed other stadiums have put in cardboard cut outs of fans. I know it sounds silly, but it certainly looks better than empty seats especially on t.v. In this era of the Kardashians, unfortunately perception is everything today. Young people see empty seats and think if nobody’s there why should I be there. Just a thought. Thanks for your time.

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I'd like to see some Argo-themed tarps put up on the closed upper deck and maybe use some to close off the ends of the lower deck. C&S did this at Skydome and made the place look much better....and grew attendance by quite a bit.

The other thing they should consider is reducing the cost of east side tickets. Maybe make the east side seats about 20% lower than their west side equivalents, to try to get some west side ST holders to switch?

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They also no longer sell season tickets on the east side. There could still be some one offs from previous seasons that remained.

But as far as single game inventory goes, they're starting from near scratch every game.

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Well, that's odd. But it explains the discrepency in attendance between the two sides. It would make more sense to me to get as many people on the east side as possible, since that's what's shown most often on broadcasts.


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SO the Argos bounced back to first place overall in East....made playoffs....have home field advantage in Eastern Final....had some interesting games....some great plays....and good players....but not going to Grey Cup this running quarterback in MBT....not going to beat Hamilton in Eastern Final....Masoli is going to beat MBT in any quarterback battle....overall Hamilton has better offense and defense....better special teams....Hamilton has no running game really to speak of....but Jackson and Thomas Erlington superior to Foster and this will come down to a passing game....Masoli outpasses MBT....Hamilton has great receivers in Banks, Addison, Acklin, White and Dunbar....Toronto has Rogers, Daniels, Gittens, Jr., Worthy, Collins and Huff to choose from....but I like Hamilton's chances best in Eastern Final (they will beat Montreal in Semi-Final)....Hamilton wins Final....but loses Grey Cup at home to better balanced Winnipeg side.

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Hamilton has a better kicking game??

Apparently there's an article about this Sunday's game as the final game in Toronto according to the Toronto Stars Damion Cox.

Any verification to this.

Just read it 12 million a year in losses .

Maybe a suspension of operations where the team is turned over to the league is the best case scenario for the league .

BMO has to be CFL ready and they have no training facilites etc ..

They might get someone more enterprising that would see a new opportunity that has all the money to burn with all the patience that is required to feed the beast from the ground up .

Or maybe Cox is not in the know and MLSE doesn't really care about all the losses it's just cost allocation that can be distributed across the entire brand .

There always seem to be stories like this in the lead up to Grey Cup.

Obviously, business in Argoland is struggling badly, but I've read far too many the-end-is-nigh stories in November over the years to take this one to heart.

Having a tough time believing the XFL talks is persistant.

Or could it be Damion Cox being the typical anti-CFL reporter.

If I were the CFL , I would find another owner with a genuine love for the CFL and commit to making it work.

Still think Skydome without the Blue Jays would have been a better venue.

This is the Cox article

As the headline says, it's an opinion piece which is no different than what's been out there for years

The big thing is how does the break off from the XFL talks impact how MLSE views this moving forward

What I do find interesting is Fenway Sports group sought a merger with MLSE about a year ago or so before closing in on the Penguins.

Redbird owns 10% of Fenway so that's where the connection to the XFL exist. Some say that the Fenway merger could be revisited

Argo depth chart out and it looks like this could be the strongest line up they have fielded in several games. Getting Rogers, McCoil back is huge IMO. I liked what I saw of OT Ivey in game 14 and hope he can come up with a big game against Davis. Kind of hoped Scarlett would be one of the ones dressed at RB. Thought he was impressive against Edmonton, but I can understand them going with Ouellette though.