Argos @ Bombers

For a while a NFL game had broken out :wink: :lol:

But the finish was amazing. :thup:

what makes u say that? u imply the refs were favouring the bombers or something? they were all some good calls, i thought they did a good job. theres a few slips here and there, but nobodys perfect right

not intentional, but it seemed like most borderline calls went against the Argos.

Congrats Argos, but what is all the fuss about, you could have just as easily lost this game as you did win it. That was an injury riddled Bomber B Team that almost upset your Top Guns, as a Bomber fan I was amazed how hard our guys played and hung in until the bitter end. Quinn is just plain aweful and will not see the field again this season and loss should be hung on the coaches not the players. I cant wait until we get healthy again because we are going to win our fair share of games once we are.

I wanted Winnipeg to win. To bad. They should have used Banks earlier maybe? His first play of the game and he "aims" it to an argo? They needed Roberts at the end.

Really how could the Bombers lose this game really! :lol:
I guess we will go to the expert Danny Machoke-a to ask this question! :lol:

You know red05, the one game that really bothers me that we lost…was the 2nd tilt against the TiCats, we pi$$ed away two points…I guess you know how that feels… :wink:

For sure I do! The Tiger cats were much better at that point. Now they are a team with no leadership, no coaching and and absentee owner who does nothing while the team sinks out of site! Where is Mike Feterik he would be better you just have to watch his son play QB. :lol:

like the time the all mighty stamps lost to the UNBEATABLE Sask roughriders and the eskimos and hell just for good maesure the stamps pissed away 2 points to the ti cats

Memories just memories! ha ha Legend did your team not lose to those not so mighty Als! :lol: :lol: Not once but twice :lol:

yes we did :lol: but the saving grace here is that we get to play them 2 more times... gotta love them cfl schedule makers :wink:

Go Als! :lol: :lol:
Well Like I said before this back to back with the riders will tell you how your team will measure up!

hopefully we are for real :thup:

We'll be ok legend, the Boy's in blue will be out for blood in Regina

What some one called the cops? :lol:

yah hankthetank stegall is itching to burn someone like he did against tony tiller and combine that with our defence fired up after last weeks game and that sounds like a recipe for success

:lol: :lol: I guess I should of said blue n Gold.

Oh thats better! :lol: Keep it simple will you! :lol:

Nothing simple in the good old CFL, try keeping up red05.. :wink:

Sorry Hank keeping up with you very bright Bomber fans is tough. Just to bad there is not many of them! :lol: