Argos/ Bombers

Let the panic begin on here, empty seats in the end zone

Who scores more tonight...

The Jays.. or the Arghos?

Tied 7-7 so

:lol: :lol:

Wait until a High Powered offence played against that porous Argos defence :lol:

There a lot of empty seats not only in the endzone but all the way up to about the 10-15 Yardline

They should have put in a party patio like THF :rockin:

No panic. To be expected after last season and the threat of thundershowers later in the game. Even if the endzone seats are empty, as long as most of the seats between the goallines are full they will have 28-30K butts in place. And those seats will fill up soon if the team can play even half as good as they have this first half.

They should have put in a party patio like THF :rockin:
They do in the north endzone concourse. It's called the rum hut and a lot of people leave there seats and hangout there.

....Bombers badly underestimated???hmmmm Guess we'll see in the coming weeks :wink:


if they do not get close to a sell out next home game there is something wrong

Maybe the Bombers were/are badly underestimated and/or the Argos were/are badly overestimated.

It's only 1 game but based on tonight's game, the Bombers could be much better than some,including me, predicted; with regards to the Argos, I first predicted that they would be third in the East but a few days later, I predicted that they would finish first. I now have doubts. The Argos 46 active players for tonight had 18 first time Argos,including 17 CFL rookies. Their defence was bad and their offence not much better; too much is asked of Chad Owens; if the line does not protect Ricky Ray, he will be injured soon.

I am glad for the Winnipeg fans; let's hope that they have found their QB; if so, they will have a good 2014 season.


don't be too surprised if you find out later in the season that one just did


Well colour me surprised, the Bombers looked pretty good.

a couple of X-TiCats (Kelly and Bucknor) played very well last night as did newcomer Grigsby and of course Willy.

Grigsby has definitely earned another start and could turn out to be a all-purpose star back/receiver in this league.

LOL!!!! You beat me to the punch,Kelly and Bucknor both had terrific games last night,as well as another X-Cat Vega who I thought really looked solid on the D-Line,it's a shame we couldn't have kept him around,but at the time the Cats had Hickman,McIntrye,Baggs and Bolden on the line and unfortunately they didn't have any room for him much like Kelly who got lost in the shuffle in our receiving core a few years back.It is nice to see though that all three are fitting in nicely in the Peg and have found a new home.I also have to agree that Grigsby looks like a keeper and if the BB's can get Ford back in the lineup that the two of them could be a deadly one two punch in their offence.

We do ! :roll:

Couple more wins where they score 40+ points and that won't be a problem. It's pretty easy to sell a winning team with a big offense.

Even though it messes me up in the VGCC, I have to say I'm super-excited for the Bombers. Did not see this coming at all, especially not from a Bellefeuille offense. Now does this mean Winnipeg is that good, or Toronto is that bad, or a combination? Didn't watch the game, so I can't say, but Milanovich must be concerned, at the very least...

Vega played for the Cats bobo? :?

I don’t seem to recall him being on the roster unless it was due to him relegated strictly on the PR or as a TC casualty.
and if so, the Cats made a huge error in judgement releasing him.
oh and another X-TiCat in Greg Peach played fairly well in rotational duty last night as well.
(Let’s hope these guys don’t carry grudges)

The Bombers appear to be set on the DLine both on tackle and bookend positions as Anderson, Vega, Peach and Turner are among the best front 4 groups in the league.

and once ratio friendly Goossen gains additional reps/experience, the Bombers should be set at centre for quite some time.

Glad to see The Etch back in the league and up to his usual wacky tricks at DC. Love seeing the oddball fronts and weird coverages that he runs…

No wackiness from Etch last night. He was pretty standard in his defense. They just played smart with energy.
Toronto was completely undisciplined and unsure. Their defense was not good. Willy had all day and the coverage was not strong.
But Willy looked like a totally different player to me, from what I saw in Regina.

Very aggressive offense going downhill and downfield all night. Very impressive. Best I've seen a Bomber team play in a very long time.