More roster changes likely for the Bombers due to injuries sustained on the weekend. The win over Montreal coupled with Toronto's loss to Hamilton has the Argos opening as only a 6 point road favourite.

With Aaron Kelly out, Sims-Walker finally gets his chance to play. More changes to the roster coming no doubt.

Burke can't keep Etienne in the dog house any longer. He draws in for Foster.

Jovon Johnson and Desia Dunn are both doubtful for the game as well. Great.....more time on the field for Cauchy! :frowning:

Roster management, not a Burke strong point imo.

LOL my sentiments exactly. I like how he tried to say those INTs near the end of the Als game that he dropped were "intended knockdowns."

On the plus side it probably means Wild gets more time on the field and he's been one of the few bright spots amongst the rookies since his rather shaky debut way back when. There were a few plays where he dropped to safety and Cauchy moved up to blitz. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that actually. He played some safety in college and has more range and better hitting ability than Cauchy.

Are there any odds on whether Ray can duplicate his last performance here before he got hurt? I can imagine there will be some temporary bomber fans in Montreal and Hamilton hoping we can keep Ray from developing a hot hand in the next couple of weeks.

Word on Sims-Walker was that they haven't liked how he's practiced until now and they've worked him hard today. If true it's not a good sign that they would keep a guy around who's practicing like it's a walkthrough. It's disappointing too that a guy who has no other options in football would not put forth his best effort. Hopefully he shows up with his best Saturday.

Agree that Wild looks like a keeper. He's learning the CFL game and the experience gained this year will help greatly going forward. Have a feeling Sims-Walker won't be around long term but am interested to see how he does the remainder of the year.

....Now is Sims- Walkers chance....If he doesn't show us anything, he most likely won't be around long ... I'd like to see Hall get more zip on the ball to our receivers (if that's possible)...And on the other side ,do we get Ray and or possibly get an up close look at Collaros :roll:....Scary considering the state of our dbs.....Oh well...guess we give it our best shot and hope for the best...I'm also impressed with Wild....he's come a long way this year and will definitely be in bluengold next year.. :wink: :rockin:

Jovon now starting according to the Free Press. He must have been guilt-ridden knowing Cauchy would be on the field more often!

Ray throws into double coverage and gets picked on their first drive, Hall then throws right into the hands of a waiting linebacker on the very next play only to have Ray toss what should have been an INT that was dropped that would have been returned for a TD. Not a great start for the QB's in this game to say the least.

Watson drops an easy TD pass, Denmark open in the back of the end zone only to have Hall’s pass hits the upright ultimately resulting in a botched FG attempt…pretty much sums up the Bombers wouldn’t you say?

Why on earth do they insist on using Boltus on short yardage plays? Seems to me it was the only thing Goltz was good at!

Appears that Sims-Walker does want to play after all; made some nice catches today (and one drop).

Have to say Max Hall showed me something today. The guy got absolutely hammered on numerous occasions and kept getting up time and again. Defenders were coming at him totally unblocked and yet Hall delivered the ball fairly well all things considered. Wish he had a stronger arm but he shows heart and some ability at least.

Still too many players without the skill to be winners on this roster.

Watson's had a rough year all around... He seems to only play well in MOntreal. Maybe we should trade for him :lol:

Hall showed he deserves to be back to at least get a shot to compete for some sort of job next year. He stood in the pocket, had some nice touch on deep balls, should've had a couple more completions than his final tally if not for a those drops. He took an beating today, a lot of vicious hits. The argos got away with a few late hits that would've been called if they were against some of the other QBs in the the CFL. That 2nd down play which set up the 3rd and 2 at the end of the game should've been a roughing the passer call and a first down. He looked like things were clicking for him today, which isn't easy against a Chris Jones D, and he got out of the pocket a few times to give himself a few extra seconds to find a receiver, something he hasn't done much of to this point. He's been decent the last 2 games. I think if anyone had predicted before the game he'd out pass Ray by over 100 yards on the day and end up with just under 400 yards on the day they would have been ridiculed unmercifully.

And people were critical when Brink tweeted about the bombers "I don't think this is what the bombers meant when they wanted to go in a different direction" or something along those lines. Brink was Mr. Automatic on short yardage. Boltus is abso-freakin-lutely horrible. What kind of incriminating evidence does he have on Marcel B that he gets to trot out there? I don't think I've ever seen anyone so bad at short yardage. Ever.

Sims-Walker - good lord did he show up today. Couple of really nice grabs along the sidelines.

Kohlert - another typical day for him. He shows up, catches the ball no matter where it's thrown in his area.

Jarvis Jones - another keeper. Not sure where he fits in next year if they go 4 NI's on the line, but he's been here what, 4 weeks? started the 3-4 days after getting here, and has been pretty solid at tackle. Would like to see what he can do with a full training camp under his belt.

Have to give credit to the D today. Ray picked em apart in the 3 quarters or so he played earlier in the year here, had a tougher go of it this time around. The line backers and secondary, despite a couple dropped potential picks, had a fairly good game overall and were physical. The Dline didn't have much pressure though which hurt them, especially early on, and gave Ray more time than he should've had. McAdoo had a couple of big plays on the line early then disappeared. Peach non existent other than his penalty. Gilmore unnoticeable if it wasn't for his penalty. Turner, Mainor. None of these guys were particularly strong. But in all fairness a lot was said about how Toronto was not playing as well as they could, but the bomber D made life a lot tougher for them today than last time around.

DeAngelis - great execution on the short kick.

Watson is such a frustration. He could be a star if he could just be a tad more consistent on the field, and stay healthy on the field for a change. And he keeps making some of the difficult grabs, the ones he drops seem to be ones that hit him in the hands.

A lot of things not to like still, though. Special teams coverages have been good most of the year were a let down today. Coaching again killed this team. Ford has 75 yards on 13 carries. It's 3rd and 2 to keep the game winning drive alive and you call a deep pass play? They had enough time to run a higher percentage play, like Ford out in the flat, to get the first down and then take a couple deep shots after that. That bizarre sequence in the 2nd with the drop in the endzone, Hall hitting the upright instead of the open receiver on 2nd down, then the muffed FG/pass play. With the Dline having issues getting pressure I don't know why they didn't blitz more often in the first half when Ray had some rhythm. They squandered a great first drive with two headscratching plays and had to settle for the early FG. Sims-Walker was making plays all day and put up nearly 150 yards or so? yet it seemed like they stopped looking in his direction for long stretches. The O had a great first drive and a great 2nd half. The part between the first drive and halftime was not so good. Everyone on the Dline will need to be pushed for their jobs next year, Turner included.

Not spectacular and some obvious deficiencies, some guys just weren't there mentally for the full 60 minutes. But I have to admit I enjoyed the 2nd half of this game. Short turnaround to the rematch on Thursday, which I think favours a more veteran Argo team, but it could be an interesting game.

The Argos have been playing dirty ever since Ray went down... Cohon keeps handing out micro fines. Jones probably pays for them out of his pocket.

Despite all else, at least in the second half the Bombers had effort and made this game exciting. It sure was nice to cheer them on again...

....Definitely the effort was there....the talent is not....Got to hand it to Hall for standing in there and getting punished like he did....If that were Buck, game over....Some of Halls tosses actually were improved...If he can continue down that road, I'd say he's earned a return in 2014...I did not like the officiating...2 bogus pass interference calls but to be fair they were on both clubs...The hits on Hall were certainly being ignored and some of them were definitely border line if not outright penalties.. The refs were certainly concerned about Rays health though and had the flag at the ready, if it looked like he was going to be given a rough time.. :roll: Sure looked like they were biased to the argos in that dept....Anyway....2 more to go before this miserable season is over....Big changes on the way, I would say. :wink:...

..Looks like Sims Walker want to hang around....Good performance in his first go around... :thup: