Quote by PIGSEYE; "If Toronto wins by more than 14 points, they win the season series."

Trap game; the Winnipeg D will be ready for the running/scramble style from Jyles?

Toronto talks about Jyles being the QB of the future and yet they keep having him run the ball and take big hits. Jyles will not last long if Toronto wants to try and use their QB as if he was a RB.

That will all change I suspect when Barker goes upstairs and the new Coach implies his/the direction on the teams affairs.
Will Burris be there? Who knows..........7-3 Argos

Nice pass from Jyles to Remple - - Heffney blew the overage on that one.

Wow, Byron Parker with the record, and the Argos are starting to run away with this one… :lol:

The Bombers catch a break. After Pierce throws is league leading 18 interception, Alex Brink is forced to come in, after Buck is hurt (again)...

what is going on?

I’m worried the argos may trick braley into thinking they are a good team

I going to predict that no Bomber fans will be posting in this thread... :lol:

Is the internet down in Swaggerville?

It's not over quite yet but man you could fool me.

Oh boy!!!! Hats off to Toronto for playing their butts off so far!!! Bombers should of been really expecting this!! Still a long game ahead...but quite the hill to climb for Winnipeg!!

Well, well, Pierce is hurt, again! What a surprise! BB kiss your season goodbye if he is out for the season. And to lose to Jyles, who should be playing still for BB, LMAO, too funny.

Ha ! :smiley:

And where are your beloved Roughriders in the standings?? Oh yeah, they'll be watching the playoffs on TV!!

So will the Bummers after 2 games!

Well the way things are going, his Riders are going to be alone dead last in about 90 minutes. :smiley:

Not too bitter are we?

it could be a blessing in disguise.
how often is he hurt? how often does he throw to the wrong team? how often does he need the defence to put up the points or give him field position?

pierce stinks!

Could very well be, half the distance, but at least 'our' teams are in the playoffs and anything can happen!