Well let's see if the big Blue machine can get a much needed win here.

Ho-boy the Bomber fans are already doing the mock cheering for that punt single.

nap time.

  1. Someone should tell Mike Kelly that Brock Ralph is not a running back.

  2. Belli should have been thrown out of the game. There's no room for childish crap like that. (If you weren't watching, after he tackled Bishop he stood over him, pushed him back to the ground, then started doing a celebratory dance)

True. His best days are long behind him anyway…I’m sure they remind him when he pulls shit like that.

I was surprised the outcome was 5yds against the Bombers.
I hope Belli's not regressing to his old self.

Man if there's one thing the Bombers have going for them is that Johnson on returns. I like the spark he shows on his returns.

Pickett is the Argo's QB. The Bombers have that going for them too. 8)

Yeah TD Bombers!!! We're kind of pulling away from a team as horrible as us!!! :lol: :lol:

My goodness Mr Forde! On the "Interesting no call" as he put it on the long incompletion by
Bishop to Amey, the defender does not have to look back for the ball if he doesn't put his arms up.

Ford is kinda funny. the sarcastic "shocking twist, a penalty"

Ummm, OK I'm happy the Bombers got the TD and Belli took a penalty but did Belli just get penalized for grabbing Bishop's jersey and "faking" a punch???

Ralph fumbled the ball and it knocked over the pylon. By rule that is a fumble into the endzone and the play should have ended there. The result is the same Wpg ball on the one, same as the penalty.

I'm surprised that the Bombers are actually winning... :twisted:

winnipeg wins tonight, there only one win out of a playoff spot. so, if they make a run, anything is possible.

KJ has one pass and its picked off...

Um... What's going on? Michael Bishop is 16 of 24 for 262 yards and 2 TDs? Come on, TSN, what are his real numbers? :lol:

You did make a note of the Bombers opponent, didn't you Chief? :lol:

i remember at the beginning of the year being told that KJ was the best qb in the league...

It surely wasn't Michael Bishop or Arland Bruce.

Yeah, but I didn't think he'd be playing this well... Toronto or not, we're talking about Bishop here! :lol: Cripes... what a way to end the weekend. 0-2. :frowning: