Argos @ Bombers

Watching the pre-game show and... Why did Milt Stegall just come out to the Backstreet Boys? :expressionless: :lol:

i thought he came out to tina turner

a caravan???....bummer.

Holy Christ!!! Was there anything Milt didn't get? :lol:

its probably just me but i was a bit disheartened when pringle came out in an allouette jersey

They could have renamed the stadium after him....

Pringle retired as an Allouette

yah but he broke the record in edmonton, and montreal didnt show much class to him when he left

Guess he'll have to settle for a street instead. :lol:

why dorsey?...where is bash?

the argos make me mad....bash is superfun to watch the way he never plays it safe.

Just a thought: shouldn't they move Milt's van before someone kicks a FG through the windshield?

lol...good point.

im starting to like rocky butler...a refreshing change from that a-hole, mike mcmahon...just a quiet guy who goes out and is all business.

I've never understood why athletes are awarded cars for certain acomplishments....I mean if Milt wanted to buy a vehicle would he want a Minivan??

The other awards were cool though, especially Milt Stegall Drive!

Wow, back to back sacks for Hebert!

Surprisingly, it’s looking like it’s going to be a good battle between defences.

Come on Pikula, you gotta hit it from 27!

Put Dinwiddie in for place kicking!

Can any Bomber fan clarify what the 68 on the back of the helmet stands for or is in honour of?

Andrew green wears 68 right now does he not?

I believe the 68 is to remember a player who recently died. Unfortunately, I can't recall his name.

And how about that fake by Toronto? That was nice.

anyone see that sportcheck commercial where they used footage of an actual CFL streaker…awesome!

Here you go...

Bombers honour Nick Benjamin