Argos/Bombers (Week 1)

Another season is upon us with the Argos opening up 4 1/2 point road favourites over the hometown Bombers. Can Willy keep the offense moving consistently? Will the new look defense get shredded by Ray? Should be interesting at the very least.

I may be in the minority here but I honestly believe the bombers will be competitive this year. They have many questions to answer still of course, like how will willy hold up, will our o-line block anyone and will our defense be able to stop anyone. I believe the bombers have improved at every level, including the most important, qb. Our d will take some time to gel but they have too much talent to be as bad as last years underachievers. I don't understand some how some people think it will take 1-2 more years to be good? This is the cfl, not the nfl and a team with the right management and coaching can turn it around in a hurry. I'm optimistic that we will come out and play a good game, maybe come Up a little short against a solid proven toronto team, but serve notice that we won't be an easy w anymore. Hopefully the fans show up and make it that much harder to win here like years past!

Here's to hoping my boys make me look smart!

Go bombers go!


....I like to stay positive and give the team an assessment after a 'real' game is played, and the 'real' bullets are flying...Tuesday night should offer us some good insight on how the team will perform this year....I see some very good talent being assembled by Mike O and Company...New players and some vets. at new positions will take awhile to gel....BUT the ingredients are certainly there for a big turn around in 2014... I'm not expecting miracles but we should see some evidence of a very different and improved team Tues. :wink:GOBOMBERS.

5 key question marks or issues I will be watching for:

  1. Can we stop opposition from having early success. Both games the opposition has gotten on track and put up early points while we continue to have to chip away at leads because of slower starts. Going up against Ray who went 7/9 for 90 yrds 1 TD in a his limited preseason warm up won't make it easy. Under O'Shea, hopefully we can start bucking this monkey off our back after all these years.

  2. RB - Evidently Grigsby will start with Cotton out and Ford limited because of injury. By all accounts he looked good in practices but when the lights came on he was underwhelming IMO, averaging a little over 3 yards a carry, was only able to break on rush for a long run, and held under 3 yards a carry vs the Argos in week 1. We need better production from him to set up 2nd and shorts. If we get it, will go a long way to helping Willy and the rest of the O who are still coming together.

  3. DL/LB. need these guys to step up to help derail the opposition running game which has given up a lot of yards in preseason. DEs have in the past put up good sack totals under Etch but I'm still unsold on the quality and lack of depth here. The team is DB heavy and IMO a bit undermanned in the front 7. Can Sears finally make it out of a game in 1 piece?

  4. DBs - I think this group is better than in the last couple of years. Randle was a really good addition IMO. Due to injury, Johnson and looks like Bucknor will be starting. I've like what Johnson did in preseason - 1 fumble recovery, a pick, couple of near picks/knockdowns - NFL experience and seemingly good instincts are helping him get a good break on the ball and make plays. He's technically a backup to Suber right now but a good showing could really help him move up the depth chart. And looks like Bucknor in place of an injured Alexander, maybe even see draft pick Jones get a few reps on D. Should be interesting to see how they hold up.

  5. Special teams breakdowns - too many in preseason under a HC who cut his teeth coaching up good and creative special teams units. O'Shea wrote it off to personnel in preseason who weren't going to make the team. Time to see if he's right.

I'm hoping for a close game, Argos are favoured but if the team can keep the score close into the 4th Q we can steal it. Mind you I wouldn't complain if we could blow em out :wink:

.....good thing we didn't play or won't play Tues. as I said in my last post, nobody would be there :lol: Of course I meant Thursday but when you're retired every day is Saturday and it's easy to get confused :lol:

It's funny you say that about the Dline, (which I agree with BTW), but in interviews yesterday the team is saying they want the front 4 to be the backbone of the team. Interesting because from what I've seen so far there was nothing to be too excited about from that group. It's great to have Vega back, Turner is a beast, I love what Anderson brings, but it remains to be seen what Peach can do and how the Canadian (Thomas & Richardson) guys will fare.
I think we've been spoiled in the past with one of the best pass rushing Dlines for over a decade. I don't mind giving up a few sacks if it means less opposition long drives, particularly early on. Which haven't been just the preseason but has plagued this team for over 2 years now.
The first 4 games will go a long way in deciding the fate of this season. Beat Toronto at home, and we have 2 more home games against what most consider to be the 3 weaker teams (besides us) in the league in Ott/Mont/Edm. If we can't come out of this at least 2-2 it will be a long season again.

So the WILL is now the DOLLAR position according to the depth chart for the game vs the Argos. So we have a DOLLAR and a DIME but no NICKEL. And did I say we were DB heavy? LOL, 6 guys lined up at MLB - Wild, Stephan, Briggs, West, Kuale, Cornell. Somehow I don't see Kuale fitting exactly 5th on the depth chart there, probably 2nd or even 3rd behind Stephan depending on how they work out their rotations, with most of the other guys used primarily on specials. If he's really that far behind then it would almost be pointless to have him here.

Also only Grigsby and Volny on the roster at RB, no Ford. If Grigsby aggravates that nagging little injury he's been playing through we could see a lot of Volny. Or would they go more with one of the FBs in single back sets for extra blocking and screen passes? Yes! Screen passes are finally back in the playbook it seems.

Gord Hinse, recently release from the Esks, signed and added to the 6 game IR. Always good to add a Nat OL to the roster, but an interesting addition in that he's primarily a centre.

Good pick up on Hinse, a capapable replacement at centre since the guys we already have can play guard.

Our base defense will be the nickel package

dime 6th DB
quarter 7th DB
dollar 8th DB

this is an American scheme when you want the opposition to run the ball and wind down the clock, not sure how you can employ this in a league were the clock stops though.

The Bombers calling and executing a screen pass properly? Next thing you know, soccer players will be biting one another during a game… :lol:

The Bombers certainly have put a plan in place and it is looking like it is taking some form.
Receivers are as good as any in the league.

Oline is still a work in progress but light years from a year ago. Also they continue to add Canadian Olineman. Adding Gord Hinse after his release from EDM may not look like a huge deal but he is an expereinced back up. He has been added to the 5 game so they will not rush him. Chamge of scenery can often help a lot. Case in Point Jeff Keeping in Toronto went from dud to the Argos rock at center

Drew Willy can help make the Oline better with his pocket presense. Having to deal with Buck pierce and the way he plays likely made the Oline look worse than they were.

Dline and DBs
good solid base but depth will need to be worked on as a season long work in progress.

LB's as someone mentioned they are really playing 3 DBS at LB. I know the Etcevary sheme is unorthdoxed but not sure aobut this. It is one thing to move a safety to Will LB. But having a DB by trade who moved to the SAMLB is one thing but to move that same DB to Will LB does not have a proven track record that I can recall.
Johnny Sears now healthy will finally get the chance to prove himself as a SAM LB.

Coverage Teams. This is an area where they have the ability to be awesome they need to make that happen.
Returner Also needs to be a focus and with the O and D in flux getting the best player to either be a specialist only or have a committe of a great punt returner and Kick Off returner.
AAron Wood is on the roster and is a return specialist really without a position but would be well worth the roster spot if he can be great.

There offense may be the best unit at this point IMHO. Willy and back up Brohm are two very calm cool custermers and that is something that coach O'Shea has pointed out. As thee is more hype for other new starters and Back ups the Bombers may just have the best. Willy looks extermely comfortable at all timesand in the second pre season game when Brohom got into the game right after Willy with a better unit of players on offense he showed the same.

The Argos are getting pounded and are now favoured by 7 points. I'll bite and take the Bombers to keep it close.

Ray will be able to pick apart the Bombers defense at will.
Willy's pocket presense and his ability to manage a game looks to be the Bombers game plan on offense controlling possession. Not sure how they will be able to run the ball but screens and quick hits could help move the ball.
The Argos front 4 look very dangerous.
one thing I did notice is that the Argos have no back ups at any of the cover DB spots, CB, HB, SAM. One guy goes down and Gabriel of Blacks youger brother would have to play away from the safety spot.

Not crazy about settling for three from the one yard line but otherwise, it's been a fantastic start to the game! :smiley:

Me neither but it's the smart play. It's early, take the guaranteed points and put the Argos further in the hole. A stop on a 3rd down gamble there would've swung some momentum the Argos way earlier in the game.

Fantastic first half. Never out of it with Ricky Ray at the helm but so far Marcel B has the offense humming against Burke's D. Me likey.

....When you get a lead like that on Ricky you keep the pedal to the metal and don't let them up off the carpet...No easy ones like the run back and quick td...WOW...I hope Willy can keep it up.... :thup: Excellent pay so far...Nice throws and we have guys open all over the place..First half we were looking for.. :thup:

Damn, announced Watson is done for the game at the half with a LBI. Probably hurt on that TD catch. I saw him get hurt on that same play on the first day of camp too.

Halftime adjustments - Can we stop or exploit the added blitzer Toronto has been using.

Unreal. This guy just can't stay healthy....

16 penalties in the first half for the Argos!

In less than three quarters of football, Leggett has already made more plays than Cauchy had all last year.

I feel like this second half proves we need another DL to the rotation. Pressure is just a step or two too late this second half, looks like the guys on the line are fatiguing.

No one saw this coming, congrats Peg and the fans.
We need to go back to the drawing board.