Argos -Bombers Second In Weekend TV RAtings

Despite being a snoozer, the ARgos-Bombers game was a success in the stands, and also on TV.

The Globe and Mail reported, with very little fanfare I must add, that the ARgos game on Saturday did almost 550,000 viewers. That amount almost doubled the best the NFL could do on Sunday, with no CFL to go against.

The Argos also beat the World Series numbers,and surprisingly the second game of the HNIC double header SAturday night.

The Edmonton Sask game also did well at 385,000.
BC-Hamilton was only 270,000. But that can be attributed to the game being blacked out in Hamitlon. The early start time in BC. And the fact it was Hamilton.

But once again the CFL shows it is a force in this country, despite what the know nothings and the nabobs of negativism try to tell us.

Oh come on berezin, you're just all a bag of wind to use that popular phrase of a so-called Canadian sports journalist.

Just kidding :wink: , good info. Did you watch some of that World Series? OMG, if the Argos game was a snoozer (which to those of us that really cared about the game it was anything but), those baseball games were enough to be called deathly. Talk about boring. I'll give Godfrey some credit, he realizes baseball is generally boring and slow and wants to be involved in football now, even if it's the NFL only type.

Where does the "windbag" reference come from? What writer called us all that?

Up...opps, I mean Feschuck from a Toronto newspaper called-out CFL fans.

It doesn't seem to affect the Sunday NFL ratings much, whether a CFL game is scheduled "against" then or not. 500,000 people will watch a CFL game and 250,000 might watch the NFL game(s), but they seem to be different people.

For anyone that wants to compare the list, here is my top 10.

Just like last week, the CFL finished a strong number 2 for the weekend and a solid#4.

TOP 10

  1. Hockey Saturday CBC Tor-NYR & Mon-Pit @ 1094,000 I hate this multi game numbers as they are not a true reflection, having said that we suspect the Leafs drew the vast majority down from last year 1.194M
  2. CFL Saturday CBC Win-Tor @ 542,000 awesome afternoon numbers to rival hockey
    1. MLB World Series Sunday Sportsnet @ 532,000 & Saturday Sportsnet @ 423,000 overall average down 10%
  3. CFL Saturday Mon-Cal TSN @ 230,000 & RDS @ 195,000 = 425,000 combined great numbers for a busy night
  4. Hockey Saturday late CBC Edm-LA @ 409,000 late game numbers are down some 15% from last year
  5. CFL Friday late TSN Sask-Edm @ 383,000 up from average by 5%
  6. NFL early games CTV @ 315,000 bogus multi games is only for ad revenue purpose
  7. CFL Friday TSN BC-Ham @ 270,000 lower numbers for a horrendous early start
  8. Nascar 500 Sunday TSN @ 209,000


Sunday European Soccer Score @ 82,000
Saturday CIS Guelph- Mac Score @ 41,000 up by 10,000 from 06
Sunday Hockey AHL Syracuse-Marlies Score @ 33,000 family and friends.

I forgot the RDS numbers for the Als game. So it did beat the World Series head to head. Considering too the game was probably blacked out in Calgary.

Still, the numbers show the NFL ain't this jusggernaut that is taking over CAnada. They way the hysterical media is making it out to be. I wonder if they even bother reading these numbers?

Of course not, but then again maybe that's why the bogus attempt into "creative accounting" by grouping many NFL games from the same time slot.
You have to give these NFL lovers credit for trying!