Argos/Bombers ending question

Since the punt rule change a few years back we haven’t seen many of these but my question is…

Medlock misses a FG and the Argos punt it out. Does the out of bounds rule apply? Was the punt out of the end zone directly out of bounds? (Can’t seem to find footage).

If so wouldn’t Toronto be subject to a penalty for punt out of bounds and wouldn’t there be a penalty and one more play?

I’ve asked a few people on Twitter and yet to get an answer. Wondering if the officials completely missed one.

It’s not a penalty Crash. At some point during the Cat"s last broadcast the rule was explained by the play by play crew. The kick out of the end zone isn’t considered as a punt play.

But no yards applies?

The out-of-bounds rule only applies to kicks from scrimmage. The subsequent punt out of the end zone was an open-field kick, and therefore not restricted by this rule.

[b]RULE 5 - KICKING SECTION 4 – KICK FROM SCRIMMAGE AND OPEN-FIELD KICK Article 3 – Kick From Scrimmage Going Out-of-Bounds In Flight[/b] On a kick from scrimmage going out of bounds in flight from 20 yard line to 20 yard line, the receiving team will have the option of having a 10 yard penalty applied against the kicking team at either point of last scrimmage (PLS) with the down repeated, or at the point the ball was ruled out of bounds with a first down to the receiving team.
But no yards would have applied had the ball been kicked in bounds.
[b]RULE 5 - KICKING SECTION 4 – KICK FROM SCRIMMAGE AND OPEN-FIELD KICK Article 1 – Restriction On Offside Player (No Yards) (This article does not apply to a “dribbled ball?.)[/b] When on a kick from scrimmage (punt, field goal or kicked convert when ball crosses the line of scrimmage), or on an open-field kick, a player who is offside in relation to the kicker: ...

Carsfaninottawa: great find. I did find the first rule but didn't see it as open field until the second specified open field.
Thanks .