Argos Blasted by Owner

One day after the Toronto Argonauts got thumped 32-13 by the lowly Hamilton Tiger-Cats during the team's home-opener, Argos owner David Cynamon had some harsh words for his squad.

"It's not a great day," Cynamon told TSN's Off the Record on Friday.

"It's a major disappointment. I mean, it's like hosting a party at your home, you've got everything lined up, everybody is showing up, weather is great and you forgot to bring the alcohol, and everybody goes home disappointed."

Cynamon questioned his team's motivation and suggested the team might have taken the Tiger-Cats, a team the Argos have beaten nine-straight times and in 17 of the last 18 games, too lightly.

"It's hard for me to tell not being a football guy, but there wasn't a lot of energy on the field and not a lot of energy in the locker room. Maybe there is over confidence, you know Hamilton traditionally has been very poor over the last few years, and these guys maybe just didn't get motivated ... they maybe underestimated Hamilton quite a bit."

Cynamon wasn't finished there and took square aim at the team's struggling offence.

"I've been concerned about our offence for five years."

"I recall in five seasons now, one game where we had an offence that was to me, a real offence that a team needs to win a championship ... We've wasted a lot of great defensive turnouts over the season and it's disappointing."

Cynamon stopped short of blaming newly acquired quarterback Kerry Joseph for the team's woes, but was not so generous with the Argos' offensive line and its wide receivers.

"I'm not (disappointed). I would have loved for [Joseph] to have bigger performances ... I see some great things about him."

"I think there's some disappointing athletes on offence other than him. I think some receivers are letting him down. I think some offensive linemen are letting him down. [Joseph is] definitely not playing like a MVP, but I don't think he's the problem right now."

"We've got to figure out what the problem is, but we can assure you, and I'm sure Coach (Rich) Stubler would agree, next Thursday in Edmonton, you'll see a different Kerry Joseph and a different Toronto Argonaut offence."

Not even the Argo's traditionally stingy defence was spared.

"I don't think the defense is the problem over 18 games, but last night they definitely got their butts kicked," Cynamon added.

The Argonauts' next game is Thursday, when they travel to Edmonton.

Payback is a terrible thing considering the Blue Team things the world revolves aroung them. Suck it up pricess - we played to win you did not.

It looks like Burratto won't last the year. The Argos are a complete mess right now.

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I read the link...

"we played really good on Defence"...WELL met a team who played a decent offence...they scored 32 points on you!

"our offencive linemen let us down"???? What??? gimme a break....the Ticat Defence Played Well! They only allowed 13 points!

I think it is High Time that they realise that the Ticats are a decent football club and whoever does their job best on both sides of the ball will win the game! :roll: :wink:

It Looks Good On Them! :rockin:

Do it again to the Riders! :thup:

i agree with letting KJ call his own plays...when he did, he moved the chains...well, unless the receivers dropped passes.

haha...check this out:

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This is awesome.

Have you noticed when either Stubler or Cinammon talk about last night's game, they never, EVER, gave any credit to Hamilton.

It always seemed like they talked about the mistakes that were made, never saying that 'Hamilton just outplayed us' or something like that.

who wants say they got beat fair and Square by the Worst team in league last year.

this pisses me off! we simply out played and out schemed them!

Aint it amazing what 1 game can do for a team?

This is a whole new forum now. 1 week ago, everyone was ready to boycott the Cats, now, the Ti-Cats aren't getting enough credit! :lol:

I'll agree with you, it's always nice to see the Argos get embarassed :smiley:

You got to love it when the good guy sticks it to City slicker :slight_smile:

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Payback is a terrible thing considering the Blue Team things the world revolves aroung them. **** it up pricess - we played to win you did not.
LOL! Couldn't have said it better. All the Argos fans are downplaying it as "there team didn't come out to play". But I don't think thats the case, or else they wouldn't have got the 3rd quarter touchdown on that impressive drive. I think the case is that they got beaten. Good old Argo/Toronto fans thinking the world revolves around them. ;-)

The Argos are a mess right now, 2 weeks in and they seem to be falling apart at the seems already with this QB controversy.

You know what's great?

Last year, apparently, the Argos told the CFL that they did not want to do the Labour Day rematch (the traditional home and home) with Hamilton, since the Ticats are not a big draw in Toronto anymore. They wanted to play their home game against Hamilton early in the season, preferably the home opener, in hopes of getting a larger crowd then in September when the Cats are always out of contention. The CFL conceded and gave TO their home opener against Hamilton.

I'm not sure if I can find this link anywhere but I'll look for it.

Great though eh? Careful what you wish for...

Right. It's going to take a few wins for teams to get over the shock of losing to the Ticats. But eventually, the league will realize that the '08 Ticats are for real.

Lots of class shown there on the part of the Argos owner.
With all the bad times we've been through over the last few years I never heard Bob young say anything negative about his own players like that.

Don't buy into any of the propaganda, of course Toronto came to play, it was their home opener, their offence had a lot to prove, it was against their biggest rival, biggest opening crowd in 15 years and they came out and just simply got beat down by a much better team.

Toronto you guys can hold your heads up high because you were in it for 3 quarters against a far superior team, no shame in that lol.

I don't think the Argos had their heads in their home opener much like the Cats didn't in theirs. Both were flat as boards. The Argos lost to a much better Cats team though. I can't wait until labor Day.

Stubler says that he will lead the offensive team meetings this coming week--not sure what Burratto will be doing. Maybe looking for work? Also, Joseph or Bishop will be calling his own game.

It's not good when an owner dumps on his team.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argonauts seem to be blowing it up already, which is probably the worst thing they can do. They already have a QB battle that shouldn't be happening. Joseph should be #1, he's the reigning MVP, look what happened to Printers & Dickenson. Hiring Burrato and then taking away his power after WEEK 2 is just ridiculous, perhaps if the team looked like a team and still wasn't putting up points, then you could do that. But if I'm the Argonauts, I'm much more worried about my Defense than my Offense.

Oh, and blasting the team you own like that is just pathetic. Have you seen Bob Young do that in the years he's been here, after the dismal football we've played? Of course not. The Argonauts will be fine this year, it's only week 2, and they're 1-1, it's not as if they're 0-4, 0-5, 0-6. Jesus, it's just one loss.

Things weren't right in training camp...Will Stubbler win the war? He's won some battles but he's taken on quite a few of the old boys in TO....time will tell. I hope he succeeds.