Argos better than last year:

The Argos:
The Argos are much better than they were last year.Look at the stnadings in 05 the only place that they were challenging for was second place as Montreal was about 4 points ahed of them.
As an Agos fan im not worried as we have the right stuff to go all the way to the Grey Cup+win it!.
The PinBall will get the guys up for it like he did last year.

Actually the Argos are the same as last year, and Montreal were 7 points ahead of them. Montreal just got worse, that's all.

and still 2004 GREY CUP CHAMPS!

I think the Argos are a lot better than they were last year. Damon Allen had what i think was one of his career best seasons, if not the best season for him. The offense in Toronto last year was pretty pathetic, and this year they are actually proving something. I pick you guys to win the GC again.

It will be tough.