Argos best in CFL - Riders worst

According to the laws of Turkeyman, after todays Riders' loss, The Argos and Riders should switch places in the Turkeybend Rankings- Riders now in last place :lol: Argos in 1st.
Happy Thanksgiving Turkeyman :roll:

If we're ranking special teams, that would be entirely accurate.

Riders should be embarassed after that performance.


loudmouth rider fans eating crow now!

I have to eats my own words on one thing... I always said you can't win big games with a running team in the cfl. I stand corrected. Very close intense game. Someone fire rod black

actually the rider fans that posted during the game showed class and agreed the riders where horrible tonight - Your going to have to work on your trolling better I'm afraid

Pretty broad brush you holding in your hands Mr. Drummer.

That's true, you shouldn't make generalizations on internet forums.

Enjoy the tractor ride home to Dog River, Rider fans :slight_smile: My designer jeans and I will be taking the BMW to celebrate the win over at Starbucks, in case you're looking for me :slight_smile:

i didnt say rider fans...i said 'loudmouth' rider fans...that would be the likes of cflisthebest and turkey.

I wouldn't put Turkey in that category. Sure he talks a lot, but he also takes his lumps. :wink:

Yeah, those two are so far apart it's hard to believe they cheer for the same team - one is so serious and one so not serious ... not too hard to figure out which one is which.

and although that may be true if you view from the start of the season onwards - however the last month that award clearly goes to a certain BC Lions fan :cowboy:

:lol: 'ceptin' I'm from Wollerton :)

I miss Corner Gas - The spin off shows where all busts :expressionless:

  • spit *

I wish I had a spitting smiley. :lol:

Riders aside, awsome game by the Argos. Great coaching calls at the right time, and a never say die attitude by the Argos. I'm thinkin Lemon may be for real, and good on Barker for sticking to his guns. Now it's "Go Als Go", for next weeks Calgary/Rider game to have much importance. Riders beaten by a better team today, no matter how you cut it. Time for Riders to put away the headlines and get back to realizing any team can beat any team on a given day, and prepare with that in mind. Hopefully a wake up call for Riders but definetly a wake up call for the league that the Argos aren't going to go away without a fight and are very capable, if there ever was any question.

yup. A for real Lemon.

This game is just proof that in the cfl anything can happen. Teams show up and play pro ball. Good job Argos