Argos being purposely brought down by Rogers like in Vegas

Same thing is happening to the Argonauts in Toronto with all of Roger properties, and is why many people assume the Argonauts are not popular. I was told previously that the branding manager of a company in Toronto at work months ago that employees from Rogers go out of their way to lie about numbers to avoid competition for their properties competing with the Argos.

The Argonauts brand is one of the top sells in Toronto, and you wouldn't believe it, if you see what the attendance numbers are, or what many media outlets in Toronto would/wouldn't report.
Rogers has a deal just like the one in Las Vegas to forbid mention of the Argonauts.

The Argonauts just won a big game at home. go to and you will see no mention of it on the front page. NOT A WORD. NO PROMOTING OF ANY SPORT OF ARGONAUT COVERAGE.

But did you know that Craig Cunningham is having his number retired by the Coyotes' AHL team? I don't even know what that is off the top of my head haha.

I didn't believe you that they weren't being mentioned, but holy smokes, you're right. Seriously, the Coyotes' AHL team gets better coverage than a Canadian Football League team by a Canadian sports broadcaster. Sportsnet is ridiculously insecure. Oh well, they don't have CFL, so I don't watch Sportsnet anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers is doing some shady things behind the scenes around BMO field and Tannenbaum to hurt the Argos.

Rogers has volumes of legal legislation protecting them. The CFL does not. They think they are being cleaver but are alienating a large group of Canadians and quietly attacking the CFL these days.

Stop supporting them!

Something Canadian? Rogers won't support. The lies where they said the CFL is a minor league. The wording rogers is "Canadian League" A.H's. GET IT F'n RIGHT!!!!!! The only Canadian League that holds its own against the major U.S. leagues. Good for them!

Look at the athletes on the Argos comparing them to the other sports teams athletes in T.O. No question the stronger, faster, bigger athletes in this city play football. No question!

75000 playing NCAA football and 16500 graduating every year and rogers would make you believe the CFL are the minor league! CFL/NFL only draft 300! What about hockey where the feeder league is Major Jr. A hockey. We have only 1500 young guys playing and a quarter of them move up or out every year in the draft. Numbers are so weighted in the CFL' favor. I would never ever discredit the CFL like rogers does. They brain wash everyone that listens to the Fan 590, stop listening to this BS and Bell/TSN/CFL its time you said something.

Did you buy your tinfoil hat or did you make your own?

absolutely. And if this continues and if found out, then CRTC could be getting involved. It will be interesting to see the fall out in Las Vegas and St. Louis as we already have seen some representatives fired.

Should see if there's any interest from Local NHL players interested in buying the argoes. Rogers is just interested in profit, Players could be interested in the team and Canada.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..................Rogers secret plot against the CFL.........blah blah blah ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
What is hurting the Argos is not Rogers it's the lack of interest in the CFL in that city, 13k yesterday despite the free tickets and giveaways.

Well, then someone needs to go out in the community and promote the cfl, you can all do it yourselves as fans, every time you go out, if the team won't do it. Or the owners won't.

TORONTO ARGOS made the front page on Toronto Sun today.

They also were top story on sports stations. They also had major coverage post game on 2 major networks on location.

This may not tell the whole picture of "fandom," but it gives a very important aspect of that fandom. It doesn't matter if three million people sit at home being "fans" if they don't actually support the team in a quantifiable, revenue-generating manner.

totally disagree with you.

Another issue is people with $$ to spend on tix in toronto move out of the driving distance to go to games. Another big problem.

There's no conspiracy. Sportsnet as a whole covers the CFL as a lower priority because without they don't have any video rights, be it television or digital. And as the sole national NHL rights holder, they have every reason to pump hockey up.

I attended top-level Sportsnet Digital meetings while employed as their lead developer and then manager of web development for Rogers Media for 4 years. There's no hate; it's just business.

Oh Ya! What makes you think you're so smart! ;):slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Theres no thumbs up to thumbs this up.

They wont have rights to NFL so are they going to ignore the NFL?

Not a chance....the NFL is american. The only time they pay any attention to the CFL, it is to trash it.

exactly. rogers is furious with the CFL existence cause they really think they would have gotten the bills to move to Toronto.

one thing we know for sure about Rogers is that everything they touch becomes a loser. EVERYTHING. Their broadcasting is awful, the management is garbage, and even their Roger products are terrible.

NFL would never come to Toronto. They would move to Calgary or Edmonton or Winnipeg before Toronto.

The subject of attracting Toronto's corporate world would be reason why they would. But it has been proven that the corporate Toronto wouldn't be of an assistance over any other Canadian city.

The argos should be front and centre not the wynnbag.
also all the Evil Empire (Rogers not Edmonton) has are the stats for yesterdays game: