Argos Being Isolated In Hogtown

Just read that Ted Rogers is looking to become part owner of the Leafs. Meaning that the major team in Toronto, the Leafs, will now be in a partnership with all the other sports franchsies in Hogtwon, except for of course, the Argos.

Meaning that they will be on the outside looking in on this partnership. Who now have access to the Leafs millons to prop up their failing franchises. And can also use the Leafs millions to chase their NFL team.

So the Argos will be playing in a stadium owned by all the other teams. Who don't want them there. Because they want to bring in the NFL.

And much to their chagrin, the Argos aren't dying, but are in fact regaining their fan base. Which interferes with the grand plan they have of a partnership of all the American major sports, plus the Leafs.

So whats to stop this group from using their monopoly to sabotage the Argos franshcise? By kicking them out of the Skydome, and not allowing them to use BMO field?

If that happens, the Argos would have no where to play, and the team would virtually be dead in that city.

You may laugh, but I can see this scenario happening.
Because why wouldn't MLSE or Rgoers want part of the ARgos if all things were equal?

But they don't. And I think theres a reason behind it. They want to kill the franchise to make room for the NFL.

The CFL better take notice here. Because they're slowly being swindled by Rogers and Tannenbaum. And I wouldn't trust Paul Godfrey as far as I can throw him.

But something smells here. And I don't like it.

And there he goes again.

I think this topic is over your head pal.
Stick to cheerleading.

IMO this topic would be better served in the Argo forums. Youve had enough threads about this, why not continue one of those? You sound like a broken record. I aint yer pal, pal!

I know Rogers wants the NFL, but I'm not sure they want to destroy the CFL, although that may be a consequence of bringing the NFL to town.

If they really want to wipe out the Argos, why not just buy them and run them into the ground. Probably quicker and cheaper. My guess is that they tell themselves that a CFL and NFL franchise can both survive. I personally believe that a Toronto NFL franchise would wipe out the Argos and the league eventually, BUT, you never know.

Maybe there would be a backlash against the NFL in Toronto and the Argos could gain supporters. Maybe the NFL lovers, having finally got there team and having no real reason to rip the CFL anymore, will start going to the Argo games as well as the NFL games. Perhaps the media will feel their canadian roots in the face of american domination and start to support the homegrown product.

Or maybe I need another coffee.

An nfl team will draw nfl fans, the Arg,s will still draw cfl fans,. nfl team will leave within ten years.they will not sell 70,000 like in the reason is there are no almamaters that exist in the states, and if York or u of t do rekindle there school spirit in Canadian football.!

What the CFL has to worry about is you'll have 5 or 6 teams in a partnership benefitting each other, while the Argos will be on their own having to fend for themselves.

And these teams will be able to use the Leafs as leverage to get better TV deals, advertising, and even control the amount of media coverage they get.

And if the NFL came to Hogtown, instead of the Raptors and Jays getting killed, they will all be partners with the NFL. Meaning they'll benefit financially from this NFL team as well.

What you'll have is an oligopoly controlling the sports scene in Toronot, with the ARgos being isolated and not being able to benefit.

And not having their own stadium and very little support amongst Toronto media types, they will be in a very weak position.

I'm not saying its gonna happen, but the cFL should have some kind of plan to offset what could happen.

Berezin you are starting to sound like elloite friedman now. The CFL should do something to save Toronto.

Here are some simple facts for you. The raptors are barely breaking even, in fact they aren't even on basic cable. The blue jays have lost money again, the number of their games on basic cable is down to about 10 games. While the leafs continue to make money, they may not be able to support the other two for long.

Secondly, I am not sure, but I thought the NFL still had their multiple ownership policy. Which would make it harder for this new arrangement to go secure a team.

Third, the Agros should be focusing on what they can do and control. For one their on field product. Two their own marketing on revenue generation. They shouldn't be focusing on what Rogers is doing.

I hope you're right Mikejth.
But I see whats happening, and I fear this is a way for Godfrey and freinds to kill off the CFL in Toronto.

Being on basic cable isn't exactly a great measure of success, considering that next year the CFL will have somewhere around 0 games on basic cable.

I know it worries you a lot because you post about this all the time. But you dont have any power to change it, so just chill and let it play out.

It has been a while since I followed it, but believe TSN is considered Tier 1 basic service. It used to be you couldn’t order the other sports channels without getting TSN. Whereas you could order TSN without getting the sports channels. I am not sure those rules are still in effect or not.

I agree - The Argos do need to focus on improving on what they have now.... They need to get their marketing in gear and increasing revenue.

btw the Raptors are actually making money... and are ranked 17th in terms of value in the league... and growing.

[url=] ... _Rank.html[/url]

The Raptors are on TSN.

And on CBC and on the Score, and on Raptors TV or w.e its called. I can watch them on whichever channel they happen to be on lol

Only 20 of their remain 70+ games. To me that is only slightly better then what the blue jay coverage is. Which is poor.

What are you talking about? Their
Every Raptors game is brodcast... All are availiable on NBA network and 11 on Raptor's TV.. the rest are broadcast on TSN, RSN, The Score or CBC...
So I'd say their coverage is pretty good.

I totally agree with you Berezin99.

Look the Argos are not being isolated.... They hold their destiny in their own hands. Bring up revenues, jusitfy the costs/project to the City and build our own stadium... it's really that simple. For example - if we/Toronto were to ever bid for another Olympics - It would be a perfect opportunity to build a new 45,000 seat multi use facility capable of housing both football and soccer.
Roger's can keep the Jays in the Rogers Centre or go on to build an NFL stadium if it came to that.

I don't suppose Rogers might want to own a part of the Leafs because the Leafs are the most profitable team in the NHL, and consistantly bring in huge amounts of money with no real effort required?

Nah, it couldn't possibly be that.