Argos Begin to make improvements this week

Everyone is well aware about the Cory Boyd situation and his inability to play RB in this Montreal/West coast Offense and is being replaced by the more well rounded Kackert but it is on the O Line at LT in which they may have possibly found a gem.
Tony Washington played at a small NCAA DII school Abiline Christian but was named small college all american. He had a good showing at the NFL combines but still needed to bulk up and home his skills for the next level.
Like teamate Treveor Harris he has spent two seasons in the now Minor Legue Arena football league. He spent some time with the Stamps in 2011 and has been with the Argos Practice squad since the beginning of July so he knows the system.
Instead of going out to find another retread import to help on the Line the Argos have gone with a promising hard working young import.
The CFL has gone to the new look Arena league for such players and have found success with the Arena league helping to bridge the gap between college football players and the CFL.
They have already found success with Trevor Harris blowing the competition away for the #3 QB spot as well as with starting HB Pacino Horne who spent the 2012 Arena season honing his skills and has fit in nicely with the Argos top rated defensive backfield which has only one starter with any CFL experience.
CFL veteran Wayne Smith has moved over to LG from LT should be able to help Wahington alot. The Canadian veteran Smith should feel more at home at LG than at LT.
Look for Toronto who have been stiffled a bit on offense to open up the wide open attack with Kackert as his personal Body guard picking up blitzes etc along with a younger and faster LT to protect his blind side.

…and improvements to the offensive line for sure now with Reinders back in Canada and who will play RT and with Tony Washington for LT, but I posted these comments also in the O-Line thread and they have signed Rambo at receiver too now.

I’m reading all this other stuff about folks saying things about the Toronto media and any given complaint about the area or its people in general, but all that has nothing to do with the underlying problems.

Most of it is just bad organisation and bad football that is at least recognised for what it is now and being improved instead of the delusion that goes on in places like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg – pick your order.

Things are looking up now more on offence but then there are the following for Toronto to fix for sure:

1) Passing Game Ray's leadership is missing along with most of his receivers. Compare him in demeanour and conduct to Calvillo, and it's not even close. When Calvillo loses a key receiver, he just rolls on. When one of Ray's guys let him down, he just sulks with them.

Inman sure made a huge move up in the last game, for you won’t get far in the CFL when your top receivers are Owens and Durie though they would be fine guys for the corps in Toronto for second and third in any order.

Other defences are salivating at the prospect of shutting down the Argos’ passing game. Basically you can just match up your best cover guy on Inman, throw Owens off his routes with also jams at the line, and just contain Durie to shorter throws and routes.

  1. Seven of the Back 8 On Defence
    There is a serious lack of discipline beyond the front four on Toronto’s defence as goes beyond all the flags. At this point I am questioning also the coaching on defence. All of the back eight guys except Patrick Watkins are just flailing around all the time and not playing team defence. One of the commentators mentioned that Watkins was the top tackler for the Argos as if to applaud him and the defence, but definitely it is not a good thing when your top tackler is a cornerback!

Both Mann and Rambo may be inserted into the lineup for the Labor Day matchup as they are getting many more reps at practice.

Barnes will likely be the odd man out.

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[b]“We are going to take a look at those guys,? head coach Scott Milanovich said of Mann and Rambo.

“They have to earn a spot. We have to make sure they know what they are doing out there. Later in the week we will make a decision.?

No one is saying for sure whose spot is in jeopardy — but you have to think Jason Barnes is looking over his shoulder.[/b]

For sure improvement is needed at the receiver spot. When you have the All star QB he needs some all star caliber receivers to throw to. The Argos have invested the time in Rambo so they have to beleive that he will be that guy. Whether or not he comes back after rehab and still is the same receiver we will just have to wait and see. Maurice Mann should make a difference for sure. There is the possibility that they could sit both watt and barnes. With Watt out the ratio would need to be adjusted in the defensive backfield with most likely Matt Black getting the start a Safety and backed up by boulay with Younger moving into a HB spot as a starter or into the dime back. convential thinking may be that Carrol may not start this week due to last weeks fiasco. Snce Toronto is the most penalized team in the league the Argos could use Carroll as an example the send a message that if you play that poorly dont expect to be in the line up next game.
Just a thought of how it could go down
I am not suggesting that they give up on Carrol who has played well but they need to put a stop to what happend last week. That kind of play has put his career in jeaopardy once would hate to see that happen to him again as he has worked hard and has even stepped back and spent time in the Arena league to re prove himself at this level

I'm not sure there's anything they can do at receiver that's going to compensate for the OLine problems or the ill-suited offensive scheme. The OLine should improve by default over the next two weeks as Hamilton has a weak DLine. But then it's back to reality with BC in three weeks. You just can't hide from the problem of a poor OLine.

The receivers can start by catching the ball and creating separation to get open. Two of their top receivers are converted players Durie from RB and Owens a return specialist

Ahhh, now you're starting to see the problem! Besides that, one of their DEs is a converted LB...two of their LBs are converted DBs...three of their OLinemen are converted back ups.

Not sure when the coaching staff will figure out they can't hammer square pegs into round holes. Put the players in a position to best take advantage of their talent.

i just had a peek at their depth chart for the LDC; not sure i agree with the positioning of the receivers.

they have;
WR2 - inman / mann.
SB 2 - barnes / rambo
SB1 - owens / rempel
SB 2 - watt / bradwell.

i'd prefer to see;
WR 2 - inman
SB 2 - barnes / rambo
SB 1 - Durie
WR1 - mann
KR/PR ONLY - owens

Durie is sometimes listed on the depth chart as a FB for some reason but he really starts as a slot in their standard 5 receiver set. Watt starts as part of the ratio set up. it would be nice to see them make the adjustments so that both Inman and Mann would start at WR. Barnes will be the first out of the line up when Rambo is ready to fill the slot.
Agree that having both Watt and Rambo in the line up gives the Argos two experienced true receivers. both Durie and Owens are converted players from other spots. Having Owens in the line up is to use his speed he is not a true receiver so to speek.

Not sure where you saw that depth chart. Doesn't make any sense to put Watt in at SB. When I checked the Argo's site this is what they had for tomorrow:

WR - - Inman (Mann)
WR - - Bradwell (Watt)
SB - - Chad the Fumbler (Rempel)
SB - - Barnes (Rambo)

Wherever they have Durie listed - - FB/SB/RB - - it doesn't matter, he'll be starting at one of the SB spots as CFLSteve mentioned. Good decision to replace Watt with Bradwell. Watt has done nothing all season - - or last season for that matter.

I agree it is time to replace Watt. With Owens and Durie converting fromother positions there is a place for them on the receiving corp where they can use their abilities to get the ball in space and get those YAC yards. Except for Inman the need receivers that will be able to run routes and create seperation. Watt nor Barnes have been able to do that successfully. Watt is more of a speedster receiver and Barnes has just appeared to have lost a step

my bad. if you notice, i listed SB2 twice. i meant to have WR1 - watt / bradwell.

i don't want to see watt on a football field ever again.

The problem with Watt is that he's never able to use his speed effectively. Always seems to catch the ball flatfooted facing his own end zone. That's why his YAC yards are so pitiful. If he could get the ball in stride, he might be able to do something with that speed - - but he doesn't have the hands to be a deep threat.

Watt played much better today a little competition will do that when your job is on the line as his is

Yes, he had a career game.