Argos beat Ticats in celebratory home opener on Sunday

TORONTO — Chad Kelly scored 18 points on three rushing touchdowns as the Toronto Argonauts celebrated the raise of their 18th banner with a 32-14 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at BMO Field on Sunday.

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Boy has Mitchell ever became trash. I feel bad for Hamilton staking their season on him

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Season? He is here for 3 years!

I’m a Tiger Cat Fan. I say this because I don’t want to come across as just an angry fan - despite being one right now. Any team can lose a game,but it is in now they lose that bothers me the most. This game followed the typical pattern of a Cat game that has repeated itself for the last several years - the team just doesn’t look prepared. The offence looks lack luster and confused, with no apparent game plan. It appears that the QB and receivers are still not on the same page. The O-line looks just fine and is playing well. The defensive backs are not reacting nor reading the play fast enough - at times the Argo receivers are wide open., with the closest defender 10 yards away. Again the D-line is playing well. Given that this team has a number of new players, why are the Cats still playing like teams from the past - the only thing left is the same coaching staff. It is time for the Cat organization to start looking at themselves - from Condell to Reinbolt to even Steinhauer - something has to change - or we will be looking at the Grey Cup with other teams playing in it - but not the Cats. Yeah - I’m P-s-ed ! While not yet time to push the panic button, it is time to bring out the clock with it ticking very loudly in the coaches offices - not the locker room.

Argos looked solid throughout. Mitchell’s dumb interceptions reminded me of Dane Evans. Too early to give up on Bo Levi, but Shiltz looks ready to take over if Mitchell doesn’t improve.

I’m annoyed that as a fan here in the US, I couldn’t see my favorite team, the Argos today. This new arrangement with CBS Sports is NOT an improvement over ESPN+. I could view all games on the ESPN channels. At least the Grey Cup will be carried free on CFL+.

As Matt Dunigan said on the broadcast when beaten by 17 or more points that team is considered to have been destroyed. The Cats have faced two of the top Teams in the CFL and have been destroyed. Only some turnovers, saved the Cats from being destroyed in the Bombers’ game by the seventeen-point measure. A rough start but thankfully it is early in the season and their losses were to the cream of the CFL.


schiltz will give you a better shot of winning… lets go als baby

Late in the game, HAM does a short kickoff, and TOR recovers. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

But after the TOR guy catches the ball, the referee blows the whistle even though the TOR guy wasn’t touched.

Why did the ref stop the play?