ARGOS beat SASK!!!!!!

ARGOS 26 , SASK. 23 :thup:


The ARGOS win with their 3rd string Q.B. , no RICKY WILLIAMS , no IROVY [suspended] , NO WYNN , but the ARGOS WYNN :thup: :thup: :thup:

Argo Q.B. CROUCH looks great.
Jeff Johnson , 1 running T.D.

Bashir 2 T.D.s and the first punt return for a T.D. in this CFL season.

SASK. suspention possible. :thup:

Riders let one get away-- the defence made some mental errors, which cost them the game. Good game by the Argos. Like I said , if the Schultz hit was a cheap shot, he will be discplined, same way Ivory got his suspension.

Congrats to the needed the win!

As it should be. :thup:

thanks :thup:

Argos defense still one of the best in the league. Fletcher makes a big difference.

Riders let a golden chance get away, again. If the D and special teams played better, they would have won this game. They made it close, but too little, too late. At least the Argos played a prevent defence the proper way ,eh warner? :lol:

Congrats Toronto. Too bad the games are over for the week. Some excitement!

thanks! :thup: B.C. will probably distory what is left of the ARGOS next week. :cry:


Hey , I need some thing to cheer about this year! :wink: :lol:

Yes, and you're right about those cups. Now, will Clemons give Crouch a shot a some clutch time to test his crotch? :smiley:

LMAO :lol:

I was at the game and have not seen the highlights, etc. Seemed to me that special teams were the main problem. D was not bad. Offence just did not seem to get it going.

Congrats to the Argos/

Sweet deal ya got ht!

If they lose you claim backup!
If they win you brag backup
COOL :thup:

KJ threw for over 400 passing and has a TD as a reciever.... but the D and special teams..ouch!

first off, sask's punting was terrible this game.

then they give up the first punt return TD of the season...then let bash burn you for another TD?, BASH TD as a reciever ?...that should never happen....

then they let a 3rd stringer put up more points...what is wrong with sask's D...they shouldn't have allowed more than 14 points against the argos.

why can't they're Defence play 2 good games in a row?