Argos beat Riders to tie franchise record 15 wins

REGINA — The Toronto Argonauts are chasing greatness.

The Argos tied their franchise record with their 15th victory of the season after beating the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday 29-26 at Mosaic Stadium.

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So, did the Riders really have playoff hopes? I am a Rider fan, and I am glad they didn’t make the post season. The Riders lost to the three worst teams in the CFL when they needed a win - Edmonton, Calgary, and Ottawa. Guess we know who the worst team really is… Time to find a coaching staff that can make adjustments during a football game.


Time to find a President and GM capable of building a winning coaching staff and team.


At some point, sure. The second half of this season was an epic letdown.

I’ve heard whispers for some time that Kyle Walters is the guy they’re looking at. Would not surprise me a bit. As for HC’s, there’s any number of good candidates. If Walters does come aboard you would think Buck would get a long look. And that might bring Dru Brown into the picture.

But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Off seasons are always interesting but this looks to be one of the more interesting ones. I expect some big changes in a few cities.

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I have no inside info but Kyle Walters I would think is a realistic possibility if Sask would want him. He doesn’t have a contract yet going forward, unless that changes. I can see McManus taking over his job.

I doubt Buck is going anywhere though. He rejected interviews last year and re upped. He is also married to a Winnipeg woman and very happy here. It wouldn’t surprise me if O’Shea stepped aside when his contract expires in two years and that Buck takes over at that time.

The Walters rumour has some legs from a source I trust. As for the Buck comment, just me. Getting a long look, as I mentioned, doesn’t necessarily mean asking for or getting an interview for the job - as we saw in Riderville in their OC hunt this year. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a candidate.

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I think Buck will get interest from more than one team like last year but I would be surprised if he took any interviews, which he refused last year. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense when he refused to be interviewed last year when his contract was over and then changed his mind this year. But it’s not impossible.

True. But Buck was among half a dozen that refused interviews. And that was for a lateral move under the top to bottom organizational mess the Riders are. And would only be for one year. Not quite the same situation.

It’s not unusual for players & coaches to leave for more money & better opportunities. Happens all the time. Kenny Lawler’s family is still in Edmonton. Jason Maas’ on the Als trip there 2 weeks ago was said he was happy to be staying in his own bed in Edmonton for a week. That’s home. Not Regina. Not Montreal. Note I really don’t have any vested interest in whether Buck goes or stays.

I have lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton among other stays. A good friend of mine is heading off to Nottingwood, England on a 5 year contract. His wife is staying behind till January & their 2 girls, both in University, will be living at home back here. My niece lives in Switzerland. So, under the right management with the right money would Buck move an hour’s flight away from Winnipeg? Nothing’s for certain, Jon. But that’s assuming the new mgmt is even interested in him.

Well that was resolved rather quickly. Good for O’Day. Does that stop the noise from the fan base? Dunno. But with 37 free agents reportedly on the roster, the work on that end can begin rather quickly so I would call this a good move.